Your Web Base- Get Connected-Android App Review

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The one thing that has suddenly revolutionized the mobile world are the different kinds of apps that we get to download on our phones. Among these the new and most sophisticated one is Your Web Base android app. This new app gives you the opportunity to enjoy free games which you can play on this app that pay real cash prizes. Another outstanding feature of this new app is that it enables you keep all your apps in one place which really helps you to remain organized. However the one thing that makes this particular app really unique is that by using this app you will be able to play apps which will pay you to use them.

If you are in the lookout for a new app for your mobile then Your Web Base android app is the best option for you. This new app has all the unique features that make it an instant hit amongst its target audience. People of all ages are constantly being lured to install this app. This new app has taken the market by storm and is progressing well .


The `benefits of this app include

· You can play games that are free which pay real cash and prizes.

· This is the only app that allows you to keep all your apps in one place. So, managing app is just a click away.

· Using this new app you can play apps that pay you to use them

· You have the added advantage of getting extra reward points each time you refer a new friend to a new app.

· You also have the chance of winning an additional ten percent from the app for referring this app to your friends.

· The 7 degrees is the name of the first game that is available in this new app which you get absolutely for free.


The app Your Web Base lets the players connect with friends and organize and play online games. The app also has got leaderboards which compares the scores of different players.

Pros of Your Web Base

· This game alone allows you to play games that are free and win cash prizes and rewards.

· This is the new and advanced app that lets you keep all your apps in one place.

· This new app enables you to keep all your apps in one place.

Cons of your web base

Modern scientists and researchers are really concerned about the addictive nature of the gaming apps that create a very negative impact on the minds of kids of today’s generation.

Even though this particular app does not contain any objectionable content yet it is advisable that people and children who use this app must use it in moderation.


With this new application people around the world can not only connect with each other but also play games and win cash as well as attractive prizes. So hurry and get this application installed on your mobile phone now and explore a new world of fun and connectivity.

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