Younity : File Handling Made So Easy

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The idea of being able to easily view photos from your PC on your iPad without Apple’s iCloud in the loop, or streaming a movie from your iMac to your iphone when you are at the office and the iMac is sitting in your bedroom at home is definitely a compelling one. Well, that is just what the Younity app accomplishes. And it is absolutely free of charge.

You can now access a file that is on your PC’s hard drive without having to be anywhere near it. This slick app scans folders on your computer and lets you quickly access them on your iPhone. Plus it does not take any space on your iPhone to keep all those files.

The Younity app will give you the following advantages:

Data privacy

Unlike cloud servers where third- parties can access your data the Younity app is strictly peer-to-peer meaning that no one can access your files other than you. It is like a personal cloud storage. This app gives you peace of mind as all your private and confidential information cannot be accessed by anyone else. As long as the password to your data stays secure and you do not share your files with other users, only you will be able to access it.

File organization

Younity automatically sorts your files and separates the music, video and photo files. It separates files by file type rather than another complicated way.

Storage space

The best part about Younity is that keeping that huge file list on your phone does not use the phone’s storage space you can check the amount of space Younity is taking in the settings, together with an option to use cellular data or not.

Social media edge

Younity users can access and upload photos on social media straight from the Younity app. So if you want to share a photo in Facebook and the photo is in your PC at home, you can access it with your smartphone and upload it straight through Younity without downloading it to your device first.

Fast connectivity

Younity is extremely fast when used through a Wi-Fi connection equally fast on the phone’s data connection. Also once the music starts playing from one folder, there is no delay between the songs at all.


Younity enables you to grab a document from your computer, send it to yourself through email, edit it and send it to another person without having to be at home or in the office.

Easy to use

Another great thing about Younity is that it is very easy to set up and use. It is also free to download and use meaning that anyone with a smartphone and internet access can acquire it.


One drawback about Younity is that the device from which you want to access files has to be on meaning that the PC at home stays switched on leading to extra power costs.

Also both devices have to be connected to the internet which restricts the user if the device at home or in the office is not connected to the internet or runs out of data.

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editor6Younity : File Handling Made So Easy

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