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Professional and amateur musicians are going to have unparalleled blast with X BEATS. This is a music theory-based puzzle game which is not only fun, but is also going to put your music theory to an exciting test.

XBEATS, developed by NOTES LLC is an ultimate music game for the iOS. This is a simple game but which requires some significant knowledge of music in order to enable you solve the puzzle. Well, you are going to require being aware of what a full beat and a half beat are composed of, and what they look like. But once you are aware of these musical jargons, you are on the go to enjoy some musical gaming experience that’s exciting and challenging at the same time.

Available on the App Store for iPads and iPhones, this is a brand-new puzzle game that’s designed for musicians. Same as Sodoku, XBEATS provides grid-like puzzles which require to be solved through using music notation. Players are going to require to properly arrange the notations and together piece valid measures of music, based on different goals.

The initial levels are fairly simple and only need some fair basic understanding of music theory. But as you progress through the levels, it’s becomes more taxing. While they are bigger and better, you require a remarkable amount of concentration to enable you complete this game. It has hints that make your journey smoother through highlighting the numbers that are represented by the beats. Increased sizes of the grids make it harder to keep track.

Amateurs may also get better through music theory in the course of the gameplay through using built-in HINTS feature. The game provides you with a relaxed gaming environment. It has over 40 levels consisting offhand-made puzzles. They range from duple meter, which is 2/4 time, all the way to the 4/4 time quadruple meter. Every level is going to be a grid and the goal would be to arrange these notations so that both the columns and rows have some number of beats.

The players are going to begin with simple grids and step gradually into more challenging or difficult ones. When all the 40 plus hand-made levels are finished, an additional Challenges mode is going to be unlocked. This Challenges mode provides 30 entirely new puzzles with additional difficulties, like the addition of double-dotted rests and notes.

I managed to play the game as an amateur but I was impressed by the challenges that it offered me. XBEATS is a new puzzle-game for musicians. It’s exciting for it offers brain-teasing hours for musicians. This is also a game that helps amateur musicians get both better and faster with music theory in the course of gameplay. Again, there are various things that you can memorize in music theory. Playing the XBEATS is some fun way through which you are bound to make the learning procedure or process quite easier.

XBEATS is free and it’s also exclusively available through the APP Store. This is in the Games category.



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