X-Match -strategic challenging puzzle game

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X-Match is a strategic challenging puzzle game which is developed by Liqing Pan on the app store. The game has been developed to be compatible with iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch with iOS 5.1 or later.

By opening the application the first thing you’d notice is the lovely game layout with the blue background colors. The game has great user-friendly attributes that as soon as opening the application you know where to click and it teaches you what to do.


The game starts by stating that you can score only by collecting the X which is colored in black in a white background box and then presents you with pages that teach you how to play in details. The first page describes that you need to “Tap an empty grid between same tiles to merge them and create their sum” meaning there are tiles with numbers and in between there could be empty tiles that if you click on it, it combines all of the numbers that’s around the empty tile from above and under and on the sides, then it will create a tile of the sum of the numbers.


On the second page that teaches you how to play it states that if the sum is bigger or equals to 10, it will create an X tile. In order to score you need to match at least two X tiles, and the more it is the bigger the score will be.

The how to play page was great and shown enough in order to give you the knowledge on how to play the game, however, the excitement comes when you start playing the game. The game is a bit like puzzle and it is very creative, because of the way it asks of you to think on how to sort the sums smartly and strategically to earn the higher score that you can.


I have noticed that the more I repeat the same round the more I do better when it comes to the sums. Repetition surely will help your score and increase your strategic approach to getting the higher sums that you are able to get with the existing number tiles.

As you attempt to play more and more the game gets more challenging and gives you the ability to see ways to solve the problems of matching the X tiles with less time and more creatively. The game gets very addicting after a while and other players have rated it as it gets addictive and it is certainly fun and challenging.

Something I have noticed about the game is that the numbers do not go very high when it comes to scoring, it is a good thing because it is limited and developed so that you have the chance to reach the highest score because repetition and strategy is the key to it and not the skill of other players. I really loved that about the game since all games you can see others already have reached such a high number while on this game it is possible to reach the highest if you make the effort into it.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for that strategic challenging fun and addictive game that is like a puzzle and is unique and not like any other game, you can surely get that today for free on the app store if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the compatibility of iOS 5.1 or later.

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