Weatherback Weather Wallpaper – Change the Way it Looks

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You just love the wallpaper of your smartphone but don’t you get bored to see the wallpaper in the same way, everyday. How would that be if you could mix your static wallpaper with some external effect and make it look new? It is now possible with Weatherback Weather Wallpaper. This is a new app on iTunes that combines the static wallpaper with some amazing weather effect. It does not actually become live but the effect makes it look like one.

Weatherback Weather Wallpaper, presented by Personalization, is a free to download wallpaper app with a difference. The best thing about the wallpaper is that the effect changes as the weather outside changes. So the first thing you will notice on your phone screen every morning is the weather change. The app is easy to use both on tablet and phone and it gets integrated really well with your static wallpaper.


You can choose the weather service provider from the settings and choose the most accurate one so that you get the correct weather layout. The free effects available are dust, sunny, light rain, cloudy, and dark. There is also a version that you would have to pay for. This version will give you access to light rain with more textures, thunder, rain, fog, ice, snow and star themes.

The app is loaded with feature and the best part it, it does not change your wallpaper. It only combines effects and that too with perfection. It looks really nice specially when its raining outside. The interesting part is that you don’t need to waste time on changing the wallpaper. Everything is done from the setting without any delay. The reason for making the wallpaper static is that it does not use up your battery life a bit. The battery consumption is going to be just the same as any other static wallpaper.


The version1.4.11 of the app is available for free and you can choose in-app purchase in case you like it. It takes around 7.3 Mb space on your device and is compatible with Android 4.0.3 or later. The app is good both with tablets and phones.

Good: The wallpaper app combines cool weather effects with static wallpaper on your device and does not use up a lot of battery life.

Bad: The problem can lie in the aspect ratio. If your phone aspect ratio is not standard, there may be some problem in the displaying of the wallpaper.

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