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Wireframing tools are useful in making the process of creating a website or an app fundamentally easier. These tools can be used whenever one does not provide detailed information to the client on the functioning of their proposed website or App. App developers use Wire-framing tools to come up with a reliable design framework out of a vast majority of imaginable functions. They are available on the market in large numbers with each offering a different level of functionality. Some tools can be used to create simple wireframes while others have the capability to create working prototypes.

Main benefits of wireframing tools include

App developers can use wireframing tools to produce a complete mock-up of a system. Mock-up systems are designed according to the customer’s specification. They can then be utilized as a platform for integrating features, details and other enhancements. As a result, they are useful during the early development process since they provide the App developer with an opportunity to test and receive feedback before allowing the product into the market.

App developers use wireframing tools to organize and establish a relationship among the components of a system or product. They are therefore able to come up with great products that are highly intuitive and capable of predicting the user behavior. Without wireframing tools, it would be difficult visualizing the relationship between system components. Most App designers would be at a risk of launching products that have poor interactive designs.

Wireframes are a cost-effective way to make changes to the overall design of the product. App developers create wireframes first instead of creating the actual product at once. Wireframes conserve their time, effort and money. Costly revisions that would have arisen due to bypassing the wire-framing phase are completely avoided by the App developer.

Below is a list and description of some of the best wireframing tools on the market.


Platform: iOS, Android devices
Price: free to try for 15 days, $24/mo. Freelancer, $40/mo. Startup, $80/mo. Agency, $160/mo. Corporate.

proto_io provides awesome prototypes that are useful for any device. With, you can turn your mobile mockups and wireframes into interactive and amazing prototypes. These tools are filled with animations, touch events and rich media.

 App developers can test their prototype on the actual device in the same way the end user would use the app. Developers can annotate and share their prototype with friends and colleagues in order to get valuable feedback before releasing their product into the market.

 Proto runs in most browsers and consists of three main interfaces. The interfaces include the dashboard, the player and the editor. The dashboard allows the user to manage the projects while the editor provides a building environment where prototypes can be developed and interactions built. The player is useful for viewing and interacting with the prototype. It offers the user with annotating tools and an opportunity for feedback.


Platform: Android, Blackberry, iOS
Price: $79 for a single user License, volume licenses depend on the number of people you are buying for


It is a rapid wireframing tool used by App developers to work smarter and faster. It is capable of reproducing the experience of whiteboard sketching using a computer. It provides the developer with a quick and easy way to make mockups. Such mockups can often be revised several times with little investment in effort and time.

The developer finds enough time for discussion as well as writing the codes. Its interface has over 75 in-built components and over 187 icons useful in the design process. With Balsamiq, it is possible to generate several ideas and select the best solutions. App developers can also get immediate feedback, which is meaningful in helping them improve their designs.

Balsamiq is the perfect tool useful for lean and agile teams. It creates a smooth collaboration platform between developers, product manager and designers.


Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone
Price: $19 per user/month (annual), $29 per user/month (month-to-month)


Justinmind provides App developers with an opportunity to create some of the most interactive prototypes with rich gestures, stunning effects and interactions. You do not require any line of code in order to form validations and prototype data-driven applications. The interactive prototype frameworks consist of gestures such as tap-and-hold, swipe, pinch and rotate.

Collaboration has been made much easier since the developer can easily share, publish and receive valuable feedback from customers. No server is required for such a collaborative design.

Developers enjoy a complete set of widgets and interactions suitable for web applications. Customized widgets can be created and grouped into libraries. They can be customized specifically for the different mobile platforms that support Justinmind. The simulate feature makes it possible for your application prototype to be simulated instantly whenever you change your wireframe.

Fluid UI

Platform: Android, Windows 8, iOS
Price: $12/month Lite, $29/month Standard, $49/month Pro


Fluid UI prototyping platform provides App developers with over 2000 widgets to choose. Its functionality is based on the HTML5 browser and it features an interactive interface. It provides drag and drop gestures, mobile-style transitions and animations as well as visual linking useful during demos and testing. They can also upload their own images in order to get the perfect pixel look they need.

It is possible to preview the designed mockup from your browser or install it on a mobile device for testing. The mockups can be shared with clients, users and stakeholders who can provide the developer with valuable feedback. All these benefits can be achieved without a single line of code.

There are a huge number of resources for the developer to get started quickly. This includes over 1,700 ready-made phone UI and wireframe elements that are often updated. Fluid Player allows the developer to preview mockups as they design. They can also share and publish their projects in order to receive instant feedback from users and other stakeholders. Export capabilities are possible in PDF, PNG or HTML5 format.


Platform: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android
Price: $289 per license or $269 per license for five and above licenses purchased at a go (Axure RP standard), $589 per license or $539 per license for five and above licenses purchased at a go (Axure RP PRO).


Axure RP 7 allows developers to create prototypes of Apps and websites without the necessity of coding. You can create beautiful wireframes using placeholders, boxes, text and shapes. For precise placement, you can add color, semi-transparent fills, gradients, grids and guides or import desired images.

With Axure, the developer can create either simple click-through mockups or rich prototypes. Personal evaluation, user testing and client feedback are possible. Axure can generate your design into a JavaScript or HTML prototype that can be viewed through Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

No additional player or Axure RP app is required for testers, other developers and stakeholders to interact with the designed prototype. Developers can also share their prototypes by publishing it on Axure Share, network drive or a web server.

It has an extensive elements library that contains widgets, shapes and panels. These tools can be used to design an interactive prototype.


Platform: Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPad
Price: Free (basic), $19/month (premium), $39/month (Team-Pack)


It is a web-based tool used to design and collaborate the user interface for apps and websites. With Mockflow, the developer can easily visualize the interface, structure and navigation of their website within a short time. Developers can use four different templates to develop their projects or start from scratch to develop their preferred layouts.

Online and offline design is possible due to the availability of desktop and web clients. They make seamless design a possibility. You can organize pages using sitemaps and define links in order to come up with a clickable prototype. The SiteMap Visualizer can also help the developer in strategizing on how to handle the project.

 It has numerous components and icons built-in with an additional MockStore that provides the developer with extra design tools they might require. The available grids, graphs and rulers are also important in developing a good interface. You can work as a team with other developers and shareholders by sharing a URL or using the collaborative chat feature.

 The wireframes developed can be exported to HTML5 format for viewing, sharing or backup without the necessity of special software.


Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android
Price: Free 30-day trial, $29/month per editor (standard), $49/month per editor (professional), $59/month per editor (Business)


It is an easy to use prototyping tool. It can help teams visualize the requirements of their website while working in real time. Developers can begin their projects using their own images and designs or opt for prebuilt wireframe stencils available in the library. For increased consistency and productivity, you can also create a library consisting of reusable Masters, Templates and Assets.

Grey box wireframes provide the developer with a simple way to start out in order for team members and stakeholders to visualize the idea in mind as early as possible. It supports built-in collaboration that is responsible for generation of ideas, feedback and documentation of decisions. With such capabilities, Protoshare can be useful in the development of real applications or websites.

Work created in ProtoShare can be re-used to save on time used during design. Templates and Masters can be built specifically for use across different pages or projects. Its wireframe editor is easy to use and makes prototyping simple and fast.

ProtoShare can be integrated seamlessly into a number of existing processes in order to improve its efficiency. All the pages, screens, discussion topics and annotations have a unique URL. These URL’s make it possible for one to link their prototypes directly from Rally and JIRA among other tracking software.

Wireframe Sketcher

Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows mobile
Price: $99/license for single-user license, $89/license for multi-user licenses


It can be used to create mockups, wireframes and prototypes suitable for use on the web, desktop and in mobile applications. It is a plug-in app for Eclipse IDE. The Mockups Gallery provides the developer with iPhone, Android and iPad stencils. Creation of widgets, templates and icons is also possible. It is majorly made up of vectors that look great regardless of the resolution used.

 It has a native and streamlined interface that allows the developer to enjoy faster results. The resulting sketchy look mainly focuses on what is important in the design. Smart guides and grid snapping capabilities make it easier for the developer to position objects quickly.

The power to collaborate has been made effortless using the version control. Projects can be emailed directly to clients in PDF format or uploaded and shared directly over the server. The same Wireframe Sketcher tool can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac for the same purpose. Wireframe Sketcher has the capability to handle large prototype projects.


Platforms: iPad, iPhone
Price: $15/mo. Starter, $30/mo. Standard, $65/mo. Premium, $220/mo. Platinum


It is useful for creating UI web prototypes, enterprise applications and clickable wireframes. It is an easy to use application that offers users with features such as smart sharing and collaboration capabilities. It is relied upon by professionals from large and small businesses across the world.

Interactive prototypes make it possible for the developer to carry out online and offline tests in a convenient manner. This is made possible using the conferencing and screen sharing tool or the HTML export.

Prototyping can be done much faster using existing templates. It can also be integrated into the development process with the help of the Pidoco API. The API is capable of linking prototypes and wireframes directly to bug tracking, wikis and other project management systems.

Specification documents can be created in PDF or editable RTF format in a single mouse-click. Real-time collaboration is possible and more productive. Developers can share and edit their projects simultaneously while receiving feedback on how to improve their projects.

Mobile prototyping is possible even before the final project is fully developed. No installation is required on your mobile devices for testing as long as you have the Pidoco App. This feature is also useful for presentations.

Flair Builder

Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $99 for one user license and attractive discounts for volume licenses


It allows developers to start their projects with low fidelity sketches before jumping to higher and better wireframes within a single click. All interactions stay in place and can be switched easily whenever need be.

You can bring in the major stakeholders and team players to interact with the prototype at an earlier stage. This will help you receive valuable feedback necessary in the design of your project.

 You can iterate over your earlier concepts. The wireframes are very easy to build as well as discard. You can change the direction your prototype takes depends on the real-time feedback you receive.

Wireframing tools are a necessity for a successful design process. You can save money, expand your idea, build a more interactive structure and gather important feedback as early as possible before the actual design.


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