Wiki1001 – Your Worries will be solved, Ask here !

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Hello! Welcome to Wiki1001. Wiki1001 is a new device app that is normally supported by many devices that have an IOS operating system. It is an app that has been developed with a lot of dexterity by mustafa kemal calik. It is a unique mobile app that is able to give you all answers that you always need about sexuality, and other sex related topics. mustafa kemal calik has ensured that all your worries are solved in shortest time possible. You should also know that Wiki1001 probably the fastest search engine in iTunes. It is a must have app. This is an app that has been designed with the help of well trained physicians who are aware that our new generations are lacking credible information about sex and health. The stories about access to wrong sexual information are very real and thats why today we have Wiki1001. Download it today and enjoy an easy access to all answers.

Wiki1001 has many features that have made it stand tall. It features answers about many social, health and sexual fields. They are available in more than 1000 questions and well researched questions. Some of these important fields include

1. The field of sexuality. This topic features questions and answers about all sexual activities, performances, reactions and responses

2. The field of sex, pregnancies and abortions. Here you will get all information about different ways of having safe sex, how to avoid pregnancy and some of the best advices about abortions. This app is just there to keep you updated.

3. This app doesn’t forget to give you quality information about sex orientations.

4. Wiki1001 also gives you answers about some of the most popular myths and taboos about sex, female ejaculations, intimacy, orgasming in both men and women, chatting, dating and flirting, cases of condom bursting and some sexual intercourse facts among others.

5. Wiki1001 gives you well researched information about your overall health and wellness. It tackles topics about healthy hair, nutrition, keeping fit and healthy skins among others.

6. This app will also answers all questions that are related to emotions and minds. Therefore if u have queries about eating disorders, romance and depressions, this is the best source of all your answers.

7. This app also tackle topics that are related to puberty, adolescence and menstruation processes.

8. It also gives some information about sexual assaults and the measures to follow Incase you are sexually assaulted.

9. Other topics include, drug and substance abuse, Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDs and Acne. You should know that all these answers are well researched in accordance to medical requirements.

Some of the bodies that give use this information include NHS, CDC and the American Medical Association among others. When you download Wiki1001 you will enjoy bonus features like emergency support lines, symptoms checker(it consists of about 90 complaint stage for all ages). This checker has an emailing/printing option. This app will also keep you updated to all news about health and nutrition.

Some of the advantages of using Wiki1001 include.

1. All information is kept safe. You should note that all the questions answers are not shared with any other people at all. Everything is between you and Wiki1001.

2. The app does not only help you get quality medical information but also your friends and family members.

3. This app contains no adds. Its total information and answers nothing else.

4. This app is very user-friendly. It is easy to download it and use it.

5. This is an app that is favourable for any teen, young adult and all other adults. It has all answers for each stage of life.

6. This app gives all teenagers with accurate information. This is after it was noted that most of the information that is available in the internet today is fake and not real and this has made Wiki1001 the best app for quality answers.

Looking at these advantages and features, we can conclude that Wiki1001 is a must have app. It is worth purchasing because it is an app that is trying to save our new generations who are blindfolded with fake sexual information. This is the best app that is providing all teens with accurate information about health and sexuality. Download it today from itunes and all your worries will be settled.

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