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Voico is an amazing free international calling app for iPhone or iPad users. Users may make free phone calls to their family and friends from the United States to Mexico and Canada and call other countries at very low rates. This phone app provides great features to enhance the communication beyond voice calling. With one download with an email or phone number, you will be connected instantly – for free.

Voico offers high-quality voice calls to anyone whether landline or mobile users and caller does not have to be a fellow Voico user. Every user receives a separate voicemail from their original phone plan. Besides having the ability to text for free, Voico offers advanced text features unlike most apps. Users may send their family/friends text, photo, video, voice messages and share their physical location. It gives you the ability to easily share a text message with another user. If you require the need to translate a text message, it offers a free translation.


To avoid utilizing your personal phone number (or in the event, you register with your email), you may purchase a virtual phone number for a low fee. To make international calls, you are provided a complete list of countries and the call fees to those countries. Users may purchase phone plans which will gives 3 current options: Europe landline (5 countries), Europe landline (6 countries), and India mobile and landline.

If you have a need for a small conference call, Voico users can make conference calls for up to 5 participants. Additionally, one can engage in group chats. Users may record phone conversations as well.


1. Voico does not require the use of personal phone number, so user can purchase a virtual number.

2. Easy personal phone book integration to identify current Voico users. If not, has the option to invite friends and introduce them to Voico.

3. Personal voicemail allows for recording of personal greeting and voicemails can be sent to email associated to user’s profile.

4. List the rates for all countries from the home country. But, some rates are as low as 2 cents, so still cheaper than a calling card. One can easily purchase a calling plan for countries that are not free.

5. Can add users to an established group text.

6. Phone calls can be made to landline and mobile users.

7. Conference calls of up to 5 people is great.



1. Phone plans are very limited. Europe’s plans are limited to landline only.

2. Only free calling to Mexico and Canada – other countries incur a fee.

3. Phone plans can be costly – ranges from $13-29 a month and does not include unlimited calls. Europe’s plan includes 1000 minutes and India’s, 1250 minutes.

4. To purchase a virtual number, it will cost $10 a month.

5. Recording of conversations could be a sign of deception and may cause conflict amongst trusted family and friends.

6. Not worth the value if user does not call or text internationally.

Overall, Voico is a good phone app for people with an extensive family and friends internationally. If you do not make calls or text internationally, people may not see the value. Voico should reconsider phone plan rates and extend to other parts of the world and make exclusively for both landline and mobile devices. Otherwise, great calling features and group text capabilities.

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