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A quick look at the Google Play store and you will find that there are many applications there in the medical category. Some of the applications available are best for professional and students in the medical field as well as other tat provide basic medical information to any individual seeking out to have the knowledge. Some applications offer videos on how to do stuff, others for educational purposes, and others still for first aid- for adults and babies. Over the years, the medical applications have however increased in their quality and the ones listed I this article are able to provide the user with useful  first aid apps as well as quality information.

My PillBox App

my_bill_appThis is an application designed to help those people who are under medication to take their pills on a daily basis. If you have a small medical prescription, then it should not be a problem as you can keep track of them. However if you are taking several types of pills daily, you will need something that will help you remember which pill to take when. In addition, this pill tracer application can keep track of the prescription of the medication of multiple patients which makes it a good option for the family. In the application, there are several types of medicine that you can choose from which include: packs, injections, patches, drops, pills and capsules. In addition, you can set the color so that it fits the color of the medicine that you are meant to take. When taking the medicine you can also add the reason as to why you are taking it, the doctor who prescribed it for you and the date that you started on it.


webmdThis is one of the first aid apps that allows you access to health information 24/7 online and offline. The application gives you the best tools to make decisions, first aid information, WebMD’s treatments and drugs, pill identification, as well as health listings.

CPR Choking

cpr_chockingThis app gives access to videos on how you can perform CPR and actually help a victim who is choking. The application, developed by leading doctors and educators, follow recommendations that are set by the AHA.

Child and Baby First Aid

british_red_crossThis is an official application by the Red Cross made for children and infants. It comes with useful advice, videos and even tests that are all free. Being a parent you need to have the skills as well as information to prepare yourself for emergencies related to your infant. This is one of the must have first aid apps on your phone.

First Aid – American Red Cross

red_crossThis is a definitive first aid application and a whole lot more. The application has over 3900 users and has an average 4.7 rating out of 5, one of the highest ratings on applications and has even won awards. Accidents happen and you never know when they might happen, however, having this application comes in very handy with the videos, simple instructions and interactive quizzes. In addition, this application is spam as well as ad free. However, you need to have 40MB of space in your smart phone.

St John Ambulance First Aid

st_johnThis is an application similar to the American Red Cross application. However, the application is split into minor as well as major sections where each section gives you advice on what to do in the most common of conditions.

GotoAID First Aid Lite

gotoThis is an iOS as well as android application that is designed to give advice on the common non-medical conditions and the best practices in the situation. The application has emergency applications, useful tools essential knowledge and much more. All in all, it is a great application to have in your phone. And the best part is that this application is free and you can upgrade its features at any time that you want.

You can browse through the First Aid by category or by using the Alphabet. Each and every item has descriptions on the particular problem and steps that you can follow.

Pocket first Aid & CPR

pocket_firstThis is also an iOS as well as android application that you have to pay only $1.99. the application has content that is browsable that you can use as first Aid emergencies having separate details for the children and adults in regards to choking and CPR. The content in the application is provided by the American Heart Association. This application makes it easier for you to respond to emergencies as well as learn basic First Aid practices. The instructions given are usually extremely clear and enhanced with videos and images.

These are just some of the great first aid apps that there are available for students, professionals and any other individual to-date. Feel free to check out the listed applications and see how well they will work for you. Also research to find out on more.


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