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Ian Sefferman, founder of MobileDevHQ, wrote a guest post on TUNE’s webpage announcing that TUNE has officially acquired MobileDevHQ, a Software-as-a-Service solution for mobile marketers, after an extended partnership. The two teamed up back in April to give the mobile analytics side of TUNE, their Mobile App Tracking feature, a bit of a boost. The result of the blend of services was the most requested feature by the customers of both of the companies. The analytics snapshot they provided was more complete, and more robust, covering performance across all channels.

One of the examples of how the companies have been able to push the boundaries together can be seen in their keyword tracking. Not only can customers see which keywords rank the highest for the application, but they can also see which keywords are linked to the most downloads, the ultimate goal. With the use of competitive intelligence, they will also be able to measure app store visibility,search rankings and more.

The acquisition stems from a partnership of the two. MobileDevHQ is a start up company in Seattle with a similar consumer market, with metrics that TUNE was looking to explore. The team is comprised of only a half dozen or so people, and Sefferman will become the new General Manager of TUNE’s new inbound division.

This is just another way that TUNE is molding to fit the needs of the market.Formerly known as HasOffers, they changed their name in order to highlight the fact that it offered multiple services and not just products. The rebrand gave them more room to expand and grow into their niche instead of pigeon holing themselves into a company that wasn’t malleable, or that was known for one rigid purpose.

TUNE will now be able to tackle inbound and paid application marketing, and be able to influence how application marketing is viewed and done in the future.

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