Tricky Towers – iPhone Game Review

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The Tricky Towers app game just like its name suggests, is a challenging and a tricky game in such a way that any ardent game player should have. It’s a mind blowing and an action puzzler game, which has been introduced recently on 20th June 25, 2016 after being waited for a while. It’s an app that comes with an experience that is unstoppable that every passion game player should try out. The app was created and introduced by Marcus Dobler Applications UG. This game comes with a great classic design and fantastic animations that adopt a 3D quality formation. It has been designed in such a way that the app user gets the best out of the well- integrated app.

The Tricky Towers app game is all about using strong bricks to build up a tower that is formidable in such a way that it can withstand various obstacles that one comes across during the play. The platform in which you build the tower rotates and this emphasizes that the builder must be keen when creating the structure. The tower must, therefore, be stable and sturdy. The app game has got 1 finger controls that are integrated making it easier and flexible for the player.

There are two varying modes that the player is introduced to, namely endless and mission mode. Both of the playing modes have specific experiences worth trying out. Mission mode calls for skills and speed to achieve given tasks at quoted time. For endless mode, you get no restrictions and it is actually not timed. Here, you as the player are expected to come up with the most outstanding megatower. After obtaining the ultimate results, you are crowned the winner.


Stunning boosters

The Tricky Towers app game comes with stunning boosters that are meant to power you up to ensure that you do not get exhausted when you are almost getting to the point of finishing. As a player, you should consider using them to aid in recording the best results as well as fast-charging the power. They are meant to boost the performance.

Series of competition

This mostly is found when you use the endless mode. You are supposed to engage in a megatower building in a fast paced process through a series of competition. After going through the series of competition and managing to be the top scorer, you get the ultimate reward.


With this game app, there are 27 trophies and above to be rewarded to the player. They are meant to give motivation to the player in this game. To grab a chance of winning in an immense way, the app user should play a notch higher to surpass the otherwise great records that have been created before.


This fantastic game app comes with numerous graduating levels as well as missions to accomplish. They are meant to help you improve as well as prove your experience and skills. By achieving the ultimate prize, you will have demonstrated your prowess in playing the game.


To hinder you from becoming the best, you will be exposed to numerous obstacles and challenges while playing the Tricky Towers app game. The obstacles keep you from building the tower by casting spells on it. This makes your bricks come down, reducing the speed at which you create the megatower.


· Efficient, fast -charged boosters

· A great chance to prove prowess and compete

· Rewards that appreciate a great achievement sense

· Engaging and fascinating playing modes

· Clear display, great design and fantastic animations


· Time output infrequencies

· Challenging for beginners to achieve the top mission

Final verdict

The app game has got highly and classic designed features. The app has become a great choice for umpteen passionate game players. This has not only been contributed by the exterior formation of the app, but also its great performance that is consistent as well as absolute experience. Tricky Towers app game is a game worth playing as it is exceptional. Its size is 12.9 MB, download it today at the App Store.

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