Towers TriPeaks solitaire Review

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Towers TriPeaks solitaire its a free app available to play on android and iOS it’s a very hooking, sticky card game, you just can’t stop playing it, in the tradition of old fashion solitaire but with brand new features as facebook friends invitation, convinced with lovely quality high definition graphics, great colors and striking background sound effects. Once you connected with your friends on facebook you can have tournaments and summons to contest with them, you can also send and receive life hearts every hour . using bonuses you can get higher scores faster and also gets some tricks to improve your round, you can rise the score using a different sequence of bonuses.
This game is played on 3 rounds per play the first two and a bonus extra round. Silver coins are gain after you reach level 2, and sometimes you get silver coins when you reach a new averment, also you can get silver coins when doing long chain (more than 3 cards row). When you won a tournament you get gold coins, the more friends you invite, the more you will have chance to win gold coins, to claim your coins you need to push on THE CLAIM YOUR PRIZE banner located in the bottom of the screen, both silver and gold coins can also be purchase, with this coins you can buy life hearts or new powerups, like Timer Freeze (after level 5), Jester (after level 9) and Power Deck (after reaching level 11).
As fast as you finish a round you get more points, you should try to make as much long chains as you can this way you will be awarded more points and silver coins, also you can get a lot of point throught gathering the ordens, this must be picked quickly because they expire in a blink. The game can be play in different devices, and all will be saved in live time, so the bonuses, coins and life hearts you spend or gain in either a computer, mobile phone or table will be the same on each, everytime you log into any device and play, it is saved on the cloud.
This game can be played in all this browsers: Google Chrome 24 and newest, Apple Safari 5.1.7 and later, Internet Explores 9.0 and plus and Mozilla Firefox 21 and later. Eventually you can get good offers of the day posted in Towers TriPeaks Solitaire Facebook Page, it is recommended to click on the like bottom of the page so you won’t miss this specials It is a funny game for all ages, while playing you enhance your brain abilities as this is a good game for exercise the neurons. Though all screens in all levels have the same design which make the game a little flat, I think the developers can improve this to make it more alluring.

Strong Points:

Brilliant Attractive Colors
Catchy Sound Effects
Alluring game development

Weak Points:
Not available in spanish
Not Random game make it dull at the end
Small font in cards numbers, make it hard to read it
Very hard to increase score points
Worth Having App – Download for IOSDownload for Android
Mukul AnandTowers TriPeaks solitaire Review

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