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With the Smartphone era kicking into high gear, understanding how an app is performing with the masses is something that any App developer would love to know. As understanding the success or failure of the app not only gives developers an idea how popular or unpopular the app is with the masses, but it gives also helps them create a game plan for future upgrades. But the sheer volume of downloads alone is nowhere near sufficient to measure how successful an app might be performing or how big of a failure it is. Rather it’s the demographics of the app’s performance in the market which helps developers get a deeper insight. And what better way than Mobile Analytic Tools to present the demographics of an app in a graphical representation, to give developers that much needed edge. But if you thought that simply searching the net and downloading the first Mobile Analytic Tool you come across is enough, then think again. Because, the sheer numbers of Analytic Tools available online can be overwhelming for even the most experienced of developer. Which is why, to help you choose your Analytic Tool a little better, here are the top 8 Mobile Analytic Tools that you will ever need to keep track of your app.

Flurry Analytic

Platform : Andriod, iOS, Java ME, Blackberry, Windows Phone
Price : Free


Coming in as one of the most popular Analytic Tool, Flurry has emerged as one of the most popular tools any developer can ever get their hands on. And the best thing about Flurry is that it’s free. With more than 150,000 developers and 500,000 apps basing their entire existence on the information provided by Flurry, you would have to admit that there is something about this tool that makes it a little different. What makes this bomb of an app such a huge hit with developers and apps alike is that it is not only able to record the age, sex and location of the downloader. But it also keeps complete track of the users activity and creates persona’s based on the information gathered, which helps developers gain a better understanding of the drawbacks of their apps and improve it in future upgrades. But the best part of Flurry would have to be the step by step breakdown of a users activity pattern into 3 different levels, which helps them understand their target audience as if they were their best friends.


Platform : Android, iOS
Price : Free to Try, Contact to buy


Branding itself as something more than an Analytic Tool, Appsee is without a doubt the tool that you would like to get your paws on if you’re looking to get the most complete insight on your apps performance. Even though interested developers need to apply first just try out the demo, Appsee is a tool which will truly evolve the way you look at your app. And what makes it more than a simple Analytic Tool is the list of features it has to offer its prestigious users, which is often lacking from your everyday Mobile Analytic Tool. Apart from all the everyday Analytic tools, the prime feature of Appsee is the User Recording tool which records everything on the users screen while they are using your app. That’s right, everything. If you want to know how your users are navigating through your app or which features do they like more, the on screen User Recording tool will give you the complete video and save you the trouble of going through page after page of information. Another feature of Appsee which makes it one of the best Analytic Tools out there would have to be the Touch Heat maps, which records every pinch, tap and swipe the user has made on their phone and create a heat map based on the information, helping you understand the strengths of your apps and make them better.


Platform: Andriod, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone
Price : Free to try, $69/mo Professional, $189/mo Business


If you are looking for a nice little Analytic Tool which will help you get a better understanding on how your app is performing with the masses without confusing you to the ground, then Countly is the tool for you. Countly is one of those tools which lets you easily sign up for the limited free version, to help you get a taste and eventually move you up the paid subscription list in exchange for more elaborate features. With one of the most relaxed interfaces around, Countly is designed in such a way that even the most novice of users can use them with relative ease. Which means, that if you are new at developing and looking for a decent tool to help you around, then Countly is the tool for you. But if you think that the free version is a charm, then you would be surprised at what the Professional and Business version can do.


Platform : Andriod, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, HTML5
Price: Free under 10k users, $1350 under 500k users

Coming in as a tool which companies like ESPN and Microsoft base their Smartphone/Tab business on, Localytics is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the game. And when a company as big as Localytics gives up free trial for up to 10k users, you know that they mean nothing but business. The high standards set by Localytics over the years makes it extremely clear that this Analytic Tool is here to push you to the top and using it the right way, can open your doors to information that no other Analytic Tool in the market can provide. What make’s Localytics a cut above the rest is that it is not an Analytic Tool alone, rather Localytics can also be used as a marketing tool to improve your app’s prospects with the users. Throwing in features like Real-Time insight on user usage, Funnels, Segments, Screen Flows, User Visits and Re-Visits, Heatmaps, etc. Localytics seems to have done everything right with the tool to make it stand out from the rest. And with some of the biggest names in the business today using Localytics services to get a deeper in-sight on their app’s performance, you would have to admit that there is something about this Mobile Analytic Tool which makes it worth taking a look at.

Distimo / AppAnnie

Platform : Andriod, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, HTML5
Price : Free


When you see giants like Zygna, Paypal, Amazon and BBC basing their entire trust on an Analytic Tool, you would have to admit that there is something about the tool which makes it stand out. And if the big names aren’t enough for you, then how about tracking 2.5 billion downloads every month to make you desperate enough to give it a try? Because that’s exactly how popular Distimo is and from the looks of it, it seems that there is no stopping this Analytic Tool from beating the others to become the number one Analytic tool in the market. Distimo allows you to easily track your ranking, revenue, ratings, reviews, downloads and a paid service called AppIQ to keep an eye on the competition. If the popularity of Distimo alone was not enough, its recent acquisition by AppAnnie has given it boost which has been quickly pushing this app through the rankings. What makes Distimo a truly powerful app is that unlike its competitors, Distimo does not focus on a wide area of expertise. Rather they have remained somewhat confined to the list of features they provide the users. But this its this exact want to stay limited with its features and try to improve on them, which has pushed Distimo beyond par excellence. But the true rabbit out of the hat for Distimo would have to be its paid service called AppIQ, which allows users to track their competition, demographics and stats, which gives users some much wanted edge over the rest.


Platform: Android, iOS
Price : Free


If you are one of those people who wants to work Localytics someday, but does not have the money to do so or if you are looking for a good set of training wheels to someday work your way up to Localytics, then Aplsar is the perfect Analytic Tool for you. Also dubbed as the Localytics clone, Aplsar aims to provide all the features of Localytics minus the cost and complication. Perhaps this is the reason why Aplsar has been quickly climbing the ladders. But you would have to admit that Aplsar is without a doubt one of the most comfortable Analytic Tools to work with, simply because of the simplicity with which it has been built. Allowing users to arrange and re-arrange the interface as per their requirement, Aplsar is fully customizable in every way. But apart from its ability to adapt as per your requirements, its the sheer list of features that Aplsar has to offer that makes it one of the best tools available today. And if you thought that being free would make any difference, then think again, because it can match Localytics toe to toe every step of the way. The best part of Aplsar would have to be the five main windows on the dashboard, which does an excellent job of displaying Unique Visits, Sessions, New Visitors, Returning Visitors and Demographics. And best of all, it completely removes the need to scouring the tabs to find your required information.


Platform : Android, iOS
Price : Free up to 25k users, $2000/mo up to 2 millions users

If you thought that an overwhelming price tag of $2000 per month for 2 million users would scare of many, then you would have to be proved otherwise. Because Mixpanel is one of the most popular Analytic Tool there is. But the feature which would have to catch your eye even before you start using the tool would have to be the nicely produced YouTube video and attractive website, which gives you a clear picture of what you are going to deal with once you start using this tool. The free up to 25,000 users is really something which gives young developers a solid platform to test out their app’s in, and Mixpanel does everything possible (information wise) to help an app reach its maximum potential. Even though Mixpanel is a thorough even based tool (meaning you need to create the events manually), you would have to be surprised at its versatility and adaptability. And the best part of it all is that it looks elegant while performing even the most complex tasks. Keep proper tab of how many people are visiting you app each day, which location is producing the highest hits, how many people revisit your app every day, how long do the users use your app for, what features about your app attracts the highest users, how much revenue your app is producing. Learn everything that you need to know about your app so that you can improve your app as required and make the most out of it. But the best part about Mixpanel would have to be the easy data handling through simple SQL queries, which makes handling data as easy as your app itself.

Google Universal Analytics

Platform : Android, iOS
Price : Free


When Google first launched its Analytic Tool for websites back in 2005, it literally changed the way people looked at their websites. It not only helped web-master’s keep a complete track on their incoming traffic, search queries etc. But it also helped them make their websites smarter and more efficient based on data collected. And today, almost a decade after the launch of the first Analytic Tool, Google have done it again to create one of the best Mobile Analytic tools which is light, easy to use and free. Despite owning the Android OS and one of the best Analytic tools in existence, Google took its time to create the perfect Mobile Analytic tool. And you would have to admit, that they Universal Analytic tool from Google is nothing short of extraordinary. But the best part about the Universal Analytic tool is that unlike its predecessor, the mobile analytic tool provides users with a wider range of feature, which ensures complete control of the app.


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