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You won’t believe but I am the person who is infinitely passionate about photography. When I was a kid, I knew how to hold a camera better than a pencil. You’ve probably heard the popular saying, “Pictures are worth a thousand words”. Well, it is true, because pictures help us to live again, whether they are taken from your personal life or from nature. When you look back at your photographs, they allow you to re-live again by getting into that moment. You can’t replicate those memories, but can feel them. The pictures become more famous if somebody comments or likes it. Don’t you get excited? Today I am introducing you such an app where you can create your bucket list of pictures and share them with your friends and other users. It’s called Time Set.

Time Set is developed by Timeset Inc. It works with Android devices having 4.1 or later versions of the OS. The user interface is very intuitive in nature and the overall display of the app is very good. The platform is user friendly and safe. The features of the app are just awesome, unlike other apps.By simply signing up, you can create your profile by customizing your profile pic and start uploading pictures that are highly defined. You can adjust the photos by cropping it and share them with your friends and other people too. In the same way you can see other’s pictures if they have shared with you and comment. You can create a bucket list that can be anything related to travel, night out, vacations, events, food, sports, technology and even enjoying comedy shows also. If you wish to share your photos in real time, you can now use the geo-location.

With Time Set you have many options to interact with people. You can build a community around your bucket list by setting your goals. These goals can be specific to your bucket list. For example, you have created a bucket list ‘Enjoying a trip’ with goals ‘Changing mood’ or ‘Relaxing in some days’ and so on. If you are going on an adventure like ‘Skydiving’ or ‘Paragliding’ then you can also invite your friends to join you. In this way you can meet new people on your way to complete the tasks.

By using ‘Time Feed’ tab, keep track of what others are doing and what others have on their lists so that you can also join them if you are interested. Check out new places with the discover tab. You can upload the Geo-tagged pictures that you have taken before.

So, It’s the amazing app I have ever seen. It helps to explore the world. With Time Set you can customize your view by categories. You can filter your view by your friends, your locations, or your followers. Time Set provides safety to its users. There is no permission to upload any nude content which violates the rules of TimeSet.

There is an improvement made in the new version of TimeSet. It has added a Facebook share which will share the same content to your associated Facebook account.

This app is available free in the App store. Download it now!

PROS: intuitive UI, awesome display, user-friendly app, builds social interaction, free.

CONS: None.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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