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Theme park is an epic fantasy ride game. In the game, the player interacts with unreal roller coasters and rides while making them fun faster to make extra money.

Theme park was developed by game giant EA home who are also known for their other epic games such as the FIFA series and NBA. This game is unique from other EA sports games because it is free unlike the other costly games and has among the richest interactive graphics for the game of its size.

The game targets children. The theme of the game allows children to explore the fantasy world that contains within it all the enticements that can get the children captivated. The game fully caters the demand of the audience who are pushed by mystery and completion. The audience being children, they can easily accept all the concepts and graphics that are presented in the game.

The uniqueness of the game is in the player ability to be in charge. With Theme park, the player can restock the shops and repair his or her ride. You can also upgrade your ride and shops when you need. The game is enjoyable because it allows the player to climb levels of thrill as he or she progresses in playing.

The fact that the game gives the player more control makes it difficult to play on the onset. However, once you understand how to toggle around the game, the rest will be easy. There are updates for the App. With latest upgrade, you are more in charge and can build you won park the way you need it. The upgrade also allows the player the advantage of new rides and better shops.

There are few add and the only social sharing is in sharing to your friends that you are playing the game. You can also share your status in the game through Facebook. The game installs well in most phone with no notable challenges or reviews regarding the installation procedure. However, challenges regarding the ability of a player to play the game after installation have been noted with specific pointers towards the games inability to start. Nevertheless, no notable installation bugs have been identified.

The game can be improved by enhancing its performance compliance with most of the smartphones. The number of complaints pointing on the inability of the game to start after download and installation indicates the possibility of existing bugs. Improvement is needed with regards to redress of this situation.

The game is free but you need to buy tickets that will speed up the construction of shops and boost your profits. You can also pay to get faster rides. The difference between the paid for options and the free options is immense. The price is right for any upgrades that you may need for the game. Theme park allows you to pay for more challenges and experience.



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