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An expectant mood has rented the air, the anticipation about the release of an Amazon phone has since taken the phone market by storm and every tech savvy and enthusiastic phone users are waiting with unabated breath, just to lay their hands in this new smart phone which is due for a release any time soon. Amazon is indeed about to release its own brand of smart phone which will be exclusive to AT&T wireless carrier. This smart phone will be powered with a heavily customized version of the Android operating system which will feature two main differentiation points. The phone will feature a user interface that has been set apart from the general competition by various 3D effects. Secondly, it will also support various motion gesture techniques which will enable the user to open and to access menus and be able to pull up additional information simply by tilting the device. Of course both of these important software features are enabled by internal sensors together with 4 front facing infra red cameras that track the user’s head position relative to the phone’s screen.

Moreover, this smart phone is expected to run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, while having a 2GB RAM and a 4.7 inch 720p display. It will be designed in a way that it shall have a feature that will automatically digitize text in the photos of signs and other printed materials. This will therefore enable this phone to perform various functions on the move, like translating text into other languages or being able to save information on business card to a different a new contact entry. Another important feature that the Amazon Phone will have as one of its strong selling point will be Prime data feature which will acts as an accompanying plan. A plan highly speculated as a feature which will allow users to free data hence allowing users to stream prime music and videos as well as free storage space of about 5GB in the Amazon cloud. It will also have a 3D effects with great view angles which will not need special glasses to see, thus being very instrumental in enhancing your shopping experience.

The amazon phone therefore will be bringing a lot in one gadget and right to the pockets of the consumers, from its kindle e-books to other services that are always presented with Amazon prime members, like the music streaming services, not to mention all the other features such as the camera and music players and many more features that smart phones have been currently been synonymous with smart phones.Therefore this Amazon phone will drive further consumption of Amazon contents such as Amazon hosted books, TV, movies, shows and even music.


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