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The new market trend in mobile application marketing is the growing field of analytics.  Tapjoy is just another company who has recognized the benefits of adding an analytics team to their operation, and has acquired 5Rock to fill such a need.  5Rock is a Korean start-up which will be able to provide marketing automation tools to change the way Tapjoy is able to market their client’s applications.  5Rock will provide the information for Tapjoy to craft a suit of products for clients, giving them access to smart marketing targeted for specific audiences.  Their goal: users will actually like the ads they receive.

Tapjoy now calls itself an “app-tech” company, able to utilize a combined platform to deliver top results.  They give developers the ability to customize user experiences based on in app behavior, and purchasing behavior.  Today, Tapjoy has been utilized and their platforms adopted by more than 450 million global monthly active freemium app developers.  The data algorithms give developers real time pictures of how their product is being used, and provides predictive analytics to take them to the next level.

By giving their services the ability to zero in on specific analytics, and give developers a better understanding of their users, they will be able to custom place advertisements to custom groups.  Beyond behavior and purchase history, they will also be able to categorize users by device type, geographic location, in-app purchases, number of user sessions per month, and for gamers, gamer success.  5Rocks top Mobile Customer Relationship Management platform will give developers the ability to monitor all of this, including spikes or drops in downloads or revenue.

Tapjoy has caught on to app marketing movement that utilizes complicated statistics in order to review and predict behaviours of users.  Before long, this could be more than a trend, but a necessity for any mobile application marketing companies who wish to compete in the marketplace.

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