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Do you want an iOS game that is totally addictive, filled with lots of adventure, as well as pure fun? If the answer is yes to this question, please do continue to read on, and learn all that you can about Tap Tap Squirrel. Tap Tap Squirrel is an awesome arcade type game that is truly outstanding for its own reasons. What are these reasons? First of all, Tap Tap Squirrel is unique, and what makes it unique is very clear. It is a game that follows the always on the go journey of a squirrel. This cute little squirrel’s name is George and he has a big mission. This big mission is to collect as many acorns as he possibly can. George must also complete a lot of missions and earn upgrades as he goes along.

Tap Tap Squirrel has many outstanding features that make it a very high quality and captivating iOS game in its own right. One of these features is all about the spot-on platforming action that it does offer to players. This platforming action will only leave players wanting more gameplay and this is a very excellent thing for any arcade game that is totally engrossing for all the right reasons.

Tap Tap Squirrel was designed and created by The Happy Mongoose Company Limited. It is an iOS game that is very popular and adored for what it brings to players of all ages. This is a wonderful game that families can play together for lots of fun gaming from the heart. This iOS game app is very user friendly, has simple controls, and the gameplay is easy to master as one goes along. There are lots of things that make this iOS game app stand out and some of the features have been highlighted here. Nonetheless, the biggest of all rewards that Tap Tap Squirrel brings to players of all ages is this, and that is a totally awesome fun gameplay that they will return back to each and every day.

The Overall Rating of Tap Tap Squirrel:

(i) Concept:

The concept for Tap Tap Squirrel is very different and this brings an appeal to gameplay that is all its own. Tap Tap Squirrel will keep the player coming back.

(ii) Visuals:

The visuals for Tap Tap Squirrel are very crisp, colorful, and lively in all the ways that they should be for fantastic gameplay. What one sees with the eyes when they view this game is great graphics.

(iii) User Interface:

The user interface is not complicated at all with this iOS game. It is very simple, straight forward, and is self-explanatory in its own delivery.

(iv) User Experience:

The user experience is a unique and wanting more user experience. This arcade game is fast moving, provokes great interest, and keeps the player’s attention all the time.

(v) Animations:

The animations are what they should be with Tap Tap Squirrel. They are very realistic, believable, and awesome. When one plays this game, they not only get a feel for the game, but they can know the animation right away excitedly.

(vi) Sound:

The sound quality for Tap Tap Squirrel is very realistic and enthralling in its own way. Sound is important to any game and this iOS game does clearly master this quality right off.


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