Mypostcard – Traditional Greeting App for iOS

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Do you want to create and later send personalized greeting and photo cards directly from your tablet or Smartphone? It is now possible to design paper cards and greeting cards using your smartphone.No matter where you want your photo or greeting card to be sent, you can easily do all these tasks using your Smartphone courtesy of Mypostcard iPhone app. … Read More

editor6Mypostcard – Traditional Greeting App for iOS

Elemelons iPhone App Review

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Elemelons, a game which has challenged the human thinking and swiping skills. Elemelons is an interesting color matching puzzle game, which provides a different world of four moving melons of different colors. Elemelons is challenging and addictive game for those players, who thinks that they’re pretty fast in thinking and swiping. This game is offered for free and available for … Read More

editor6Elemelons iPhone App Review

Ensure the safety of your Mac devices with Track My Mac

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As the old adage goes, it is better to be safe than sorry is especially relevant in today’s fast paced and unpredictable world. Imagine misplacing your Apple Mac or even worse picture a scenario in which your Macbook gets stolen. If you are not prepared for such a situation, then you are probably missing out on some effective anti theft … Read More

editor6Ensure the safety of your Mac devices with Track My Mac