Conx2Share – Connecting People You Love !

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I recently downloaded the app Conx2Share and was thrilled with my decision. This app is unique and is a new innovation when it comes to connecting with people. The app allows you to connect with friends and family members in a number of ways. You can message them through a chat-like message field or connect your profile to the social … Read More

editor6Conx2Share – Connecting People You Love !

Orderly: Keeping You Organized

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If you have been looking for the best todo list app, you have now got it. Orderly is an incredible app that allows you to organize all your tasks in the simplest way possible. It is visually appealing too; you can easily customize it by choosing from the available themes. You can even back up your lists on the cloud … Read More

editor6Orderly: Keeping You Organized

X-Match -strategic challenging puzzle game

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X-Match is a strategic challenging puzzle game which is developed by Liqing Pan on the app store. The game has been developed to be compatible with iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch with iOS 5.1 or later. By opening the application the first thing you’d notice is the lovely game layout with the blue background colors. The game has great … Read More

editor6X-Match -strategic challenging puzzle game

squawk Mobile – So What’s the Announcement ?

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Hosting a charity event is easy but inviting people to attend it is very difficult. First of all, if you’re inviting each and everybody personally, then you have to tell them separately what the event is all about. Then telling them the exact location is another big headache. If they get it, it’s good; otherwise they’ll knock on your phone … Read More

adminsquawk Mobile – So What’s the Announcement ?

InboxMind iPhone App: The Best Mail Manager !

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For anyone working in an environment whereby they receive many emails, it is crucial to prioritize the most important ones first. It can be quite time-consuming to sift through them manually. An better alternative is to use an inbox app with a mind of its own that can automatically read the user’s thoughts and prioritize his/her inbox for them. The … Read More

adminInboxMind iPhone App: The Best Mail Manager !