Galaxy Control : Fun Filled 3D Game

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Galaxy Control is an ultimate space combat strategy game with next generation 3D graphics. It is all about ruling the galaxy and being on the top of the world. Galaxy control is a simple game, but that’s more of a strength than weakness. It does not employ any of the tired energy limitations, which makes it more playable. But the … Read More

editor6Galaxy Control : Fun Filled 3D Game

Claim it ! : Excellent way to win Free Stuff !

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Introduction: Forget Living social, Groupon, Gilt city or any other mobile App in which you have to fork over your precious ducats in exchange for a cool product. The new ‘Claim it!’ app launched in ‘New York’ city which offers free swag to users and all they have to do is just watch 15 seconds video ad in exchange. ‘Claim … Read More

adminClaim it ! : Excellent way to win Free Stuff !

Visho : To Simply Online Shopping

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Online shopping has made it easier for people to get the product of choice by sitting in home only. Whether you don’t like to roam around the real market for hours to find the item of your choice or you dislike wasting time and energy in real shopping, internet based shopping facility has simplified things for you. In this direction, … Read More

editor6Visho : To Simply Online Shopping

Auto Law Pro: Assist You in Accidents and Traffic

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Designed by Smith Luby Holdings, Auto Law Pro is an iPhone application that was designed to assist individuals in collecting all the relevant information in case of a car accident or when one is issued with a traffic ticket. For individuals who might be deliberating what to do or what sort of information is relevant when they are involved in … Read More

editor6Auto Law Pro: Assist You in Accidents and Traffic

Bonfire Trail: Escape Food Hungry Creatures To Save Your Girlfriend

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Nyx Digital has recently developed and launched an addictive game called Bonfire Trail for iPhone and iPad. The game is similar to many apps out there that require you to tap the screen to move a character named Woby to his destination to complete the level. Story Woby and his girlfriend, Layla are meteoroids floating through space, loving on each … Read More

editor6Bonfire Trail: Escape Food Hungry Creatures To Save Your Girlfriend

Now Messenger : Texting is Fun !

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If you intend to communicate with your loved one’s and with the people in your life easily, cheaply and of course free of charge, then you need to get the Now messenger, which is more or less just like a texting application that allows you to send messages free of charge. You literally do not have to pay for every … Read More

editor6Now Messenger : Texting is Fun !

KPI Alerts Professional : Professional Business Assistant

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It is said that gut instincts, sheer determination and proper strategies can only take a businessman so far. Therefore, to see you business move and transcend to the next level requires that as a business man, you employ and apply some very strategic moves based on the raw data , key metrics and best practices in order to realize your … Read More

editor6KPI Alerts Professional : Professional Business Assistant

Pingz- Must Have App for Personal and Business Purpose

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I highly recommend this app. I originally found Pingz and was intrigued because it would allow me to send pictures in a montage to others. What I discovered is that I have the ability to narrate along with the photos! My children enjoyed making slide shows of their antics with friends and then narrating their own crazy stories to go … Read More

editor6Pingz- Must Have App for Personal and Business Purpose

Hunger Crunch: An Iphone Game, Contrived To Fight For A Cause

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As a brain child of Rice Bowls, the Hunger Crunch is not only a tremendously fun iPhone Game but it is also part of a series of mobile games that channel the proceeds from their in game purchases to a good cause, and in particular the profits from this game are channeled to feed orphaned children. Available on the iPhone … Read More

editor6Hunger Crunch: An Iphone Game, Contrived To Fight For A Cause

Roundme : Way to Experience World Tour

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The Roundme app is a new app that was designed specifically for ios users to be able to experience world travel wherever they may be. This app has been crafted carefully with great attention to detail and a high quality within all of the images. Roundme provides photos of destinations around the world to iPhone users. Then when the users … Read More

editor6Roundme : Way to Experience World Tour