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Fond of apple’s iPhone and its app store? Then there is a good news for you. Apple has recently introduced all new programming language that will make app development easier, faster and more reliable. That means, in a few months you are going to get new apps for your iPhone which are more reliable and faster than ever.

In the app development market, swift has been evolved as a new buzzword. If you are an app developer and want to know more about the new programming language, then here are the things you should know to make yourself comfortable with the new language.

1. Works well with objective C

The best thing about the new programming language is that it works well with the objective C. That means if you are familiar with the C, then it would be easier for you to develop the apps using Swift.

2. Can be used to add a new module to the existing app

As the new programming language works well with objective C, you won’t found any major problems while upgrading to the new language. Hence, if you are coding an app with the existing programming language it would be easier for you make the necessary amendments, and make it work with the new language.

3. Better safety

With swift, safety and the security have grown to the next higher level. You can now design app that are superior in terms of safety that haven’t been developed due to lack of security.

4. Interactive debugging console

The new programming console has built specially by keeping the developers in mind, so that they can easily develop and side by side what differences are being made in app.

In case you are just a normal iOS user, and do not know much about the technical things, the only thing that you need to worry about what changes will be there for you as a user, and what you should expect from the new programming language. Here are the answers you are looking for as a normal apple user

1. What will be the benefits of the new programming language?

Well, there are several benefits of the new programming language that you will get as an apple user. Some of the major ones are speedy, safer, and more reliable apps. You can now share your private and confidential data with the apps, without being worried about the misuse of the data.

2. Will my apple device be capable to run new apps designed by using Swift?

Swift is developed as a superior version of the programming language that is currently being used for developing the apple’s app. Thus, you should not worry whether the apps developed using Swift will work on old devices or not. Apps developed with swift will run smoothly with old as well as new iOS 8 devices.

Whether you are a normal user, or an app developer, Swift will definitely take your apple experience to the next and more exciting level. So, be ready for experiencing lightning fast and reliable apps developed on Swift, a new programming language for apple products.


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