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Are you making diet decisions and not sticking to them? Well, there is no need to hate yourself over this, only download suggestic an app that will monitor and guide you! Sounds incredibly insane right? With technology, you can now become your nutritionist and consultant. So how do you go about this? Simply get yourself this app by downloading it from your play store, start by choosing your diet base and add your preference with restrictions and voila you have your new diet plan just like that!

The application will always send you menus and suggestions ofa affordable foods that are also readily available from your locality. Just like a human brain, the application has the capability of coming up with new discoveries now and then just to ensure that you get the latest recipes in your environment. Suggestic makes life simply by easier by recommending what you should eat rather than what you shouldn’t, it enables you to build confidence as you slowly get to your nutritional goals.

Those struggling with diet already know that life is not easy with cravings striking in occasionally. What suggestic does is simply personalizing your lifestyle and focuses on helping you customize your meal plans, the only application that will have you point at a menu on your phone and immediately has you determining whether it is fit for you or not is Suggestic.


This scientific nutritionist application is highly searchable with many suggestive contents. Its information can be easily shared via most media platforms including emails. Just like your doctor would make this application has a compact database to store your information. For suggest getting to your destiny and defined diet plan it can ask related questions and answering questions. This application requires IOS9.0 or compatible with iPhones and iPod touch.


Suggest is user-friendly by that it has helped people looking forward to losing weight achieve their goals. This application saves you time and journeys to see your nutritionist for consultations and reviews. It is readily available and can function at any time, unlike your nutritionist whom you have to schedule an appointment with. This application only suits your goals and restrictions helping you stay on track always. There is no better way to have access to over a million recipes both from local restaurants and international hotels. How will you know what healthy foods are available at your nearby store? Unlike before suggestic is now able to give you a list of healthy foods that you can buy locally. In case you are feeling lonely in your weight loss journey joining suggest can simply motivate you by sharing events of dieting with people across the world.


As far as suggestic offers a wider variety of suggestions on diet plans, it still does not give enough recommendations; the calorie might be too low to be healthy hence endangering your overall well-being. It is also worth noting that suggests is too focused on counting calories instead of focusing on healthy foods available. Sometimes suggestic experiences technical problems especially when the location of the user is remote of not Wi-Fi enabled making it possible to be accessed. Despite all this suggestic is still an application to die for it is simply incredible in getting you into your dream shape.

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