Sudoku free : Are you a fun of puzzle games?

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Are you a fun of puzzle games? How often do you play puzzle games? What type of puzzle games do you like? There are various types of puzzle games available in the tech market. Some are free, and others come with a price tag. What can be more exciting than having access to free android puzzle games such as Sudoku? Sudoku is a puzzle game that involves figuring out the arrangement of numbers 1 to 9 such that every row has all the numbers from 1 to 9 and every column also has the numbers 1 to 9. However, the trick comes in when you have to arrange the numbers in such a way that they do not collide or appear more than once in a column or a row. There are 81 boxes or cells in total to be perfectly arranged. Ever since Sudoku became popular, people have enjoyed and actually had fun playing the game. Playing Sudoku is a wonderful feeling. Most people see it as playing around with numbers, however it entails more than that, it is captivating and fun. It involves seriously putting your brain to task while figuring where to place the numbers so that they match. For those who have played Sudoku then you probably know the feeling. Nowadays, there are free Sudoku apps that can be downloaded straight to your android device. This review focuses on Sudoku android app.


Sudoku Android App Review

This game is certainly free and one of the best classic Sudoku puzzle games. It presents some amazing features for you and everyone to enjoy. Just like most Sudoku games, it also has difficulty levels. However, the only difference is that, it has five difficulty levels for instance, very easy, easy, medium, hard, and genius. Furthermore, it presents an easy to use user interface alongside amazing graphics for improved gaming experience. The game has been developed for all that is kids to adults and beginners to experts. In addition, the perfect news is, you get to play different games every time you start a new game.

Nevertheless, the game is the same as any Sudoku game as the rules are the same. It is the features and the improved interface including the graphics that make it stand out. It is a perfect game for everyone to try.



The game presents randomly generated puzzles that makes the game more fun since you cannot repeat the same game when you start a new game

It has five different level to choose. for instance, very easy, easy, medium, hard and extreme

It automatically highlights the numbers for smart hinting

It contains pencil marks for improved gaming experience

Whenever you exit the game, it is paused or next time the game begins from the exact same place. In other words, it has an Auto-save feature.

The cells that are always highlighted

It has two color themes, that is: Day and Night

It shows the statistics for the solved puzzles, the best, the high score, and average time used to complete

It has other options such as error check, symmetrical puzzle, and the timer

The graphics are improved for better gaming

Has an auto save feature to save for quick resume in case you opt out fast

It is easy to play and handle, as the controls are clear

It has numerous features such as the highlighting of cells when selected among others that make the game easier to handle

It is fun and captivating

It is free for download


Sudoku is an interesting game especially for those who love puzzles. It is easy and so relaxing. It is a perfect way to pass time. More importantly, it is interesting and the Sudoku android app is free. This app is made for true Sudoku fans, and any other person who loves mind games. Give it a try, it free for download just go to Google Playstore.

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