Stop Swipin! Keep the photos on your phone private

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There are some people in life who seem to think that if they given a phone to look at a single image, then they’re allowed to scroll through the entire gallery. Giving them your phone to see one image and giving them your phone to see every image you’ve ever taken are two different things. Our mobile phones hold lots of vital information on them now, images included and you don’t want to have to fumble for an explanation when someone find the wrong picture before you’ve realised what they’re doing.

Thankfully there’s an app that stops this from happening.

Stop swipin! allows the user to select specific images to display on top of the lock screen for someone to view. Being on top of the lock screen means that the only images they can view are the ones you’ve selected, not this but they can’t use the back or the home button either! The only issue with this is that whenever someone hits the back or home buttons, the app ‘reminds’ the user how to access his or her phone again. It can tell the person how to get around the app so it’s not a foolproof way of blocking a determined snoop from the rest of your images.

The base version of Stop Swipin! is free to download and use which allows you to select us to 10 images at a time for you to display on the lock screen for someone to view. To display over ten photos the user needs the Pro Version which must be bought; this version has more features which could be worth buying into if you will be using the app frequently. The free version also allows the user to create albums and save that contain five photos; the albums stops the user from having to select each photo every time they want to show them to someone, all they’d need to do is select the album. Pro Version users can create larger albums to show off. Users can also multi-select items in a row by pressing down and dragging to select a group of images to be displayed.

Most of the images will have black borders around them, so they will not take up the full screen; there’s also some slightly intrusive ads at the bottom of images which are unpleasant. However, this is a free app and some ads should be expected.

The photos you want to show someone can be selected from the phone, the SD card and even Google Drive accounts which can make sharing with others easy. There’s only one very specific way to go back to the phone after setting up the Stop Swipin! photo gallery for someone to view.

Stop Swipin! is a free to download the app for Android devices; users can comfortably use it without paying a thing however for people who want to display more images at a time they will need to buy the Pro Version.

Adam WolfeStop Swipin! Keep the photos on your phone private

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