Space Barriers : Best Time Killing Game

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iPhone market is the leading market for play games on a smartphone. It provides beautiful look and feel. Various games are available on the app store to entertain you. Space Barriers comes into the category of user loving game. User finds it very interesting and easy to play. A lot of levels makes this app bit tough to complete. It is having very nice user interface which makes gamer not bored of it.

How to play this loving game :1. You just need to swipe your finger in any direction of the screen by following the ball in each puzzle.2. Main motive of the game is to make the goal using ball.3. Its up to you how you make the maximum goals when momentum of game increases.4. Suppose, If you swipe it left and there is not any barrier to stop its momentum, the ball will fly into space which will make you to loose the level.


What does it contain :1. Instructions : After installing the app, you don’t need to ask how to play from anyone else rather than app itself. As it contains the simple instructions how to play this fantastic game.2. Various difficulty levels : Game contains difficulty levels to make you a skilled player in this game. From beginner to expert it does have various levels to master the game. After playing some basic levels of the game, you can put yourself on the next stages of the game to test you skills there. It does have 100+ levels with easy to understand controls and addictive puzzles.3. A lot of puzzles : It is quite challenging when it comes to talk about solving the puzzle. So it don’t let you to get bored of playing a wonderful game.


Advantages :
1. Gamer friendly User Interface : User Interface of this game is specially designed for gamer experience. It is having high quality graphics. Its the game’s graphics itself which makes the game feel like more realistic.2. Various device supports : It support various apple devices, which doesn’t bound the user to play it only on limited devices.3. Fully Optimized : This game is fully optimized which makes the device consume less power and processes.4. Game Scope : Space Barriers is not limited to the child only. Adults or mature people can also taste the flavor of such interesting game.

Disadvantages :Like other games, Space Barriers also have the disadvantages. Game is quite addictive. So of course, it may lead you to play it again and again whenever you loose which will consume a lot of time. It may also make you depressed when you failed the level. All the disadvantages are not belongs to this game only but to all the games. So regardless of disadvantages there is nothing to make avoid playing of such interesting game.

Conclusion : There is nothing to conclude if you have read all. Instead you may decide your own that Space Barriers is the game to make your mind think like more diverse. Also this game provides you to make your time pass when you stuck in the boring environment. Enjoy the life by playing such fantastic game.

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