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Sketching an image is a challenging art that some people show great talent in doing. For the rest of us, there is Sketch Guru, an app that can change any image into a graphite sketch, a watercolor, or a realistic looking gouache painting. Right now, this is one of my favorite apps because I have always wished I had the talent to create sketches that are as recognizable as the image.

I can take an image from social network sites, search Google images, or use a picture from my camera. I used several pictures from Google images. I process the ones I found most interesting through Sketch Guru and the sketches looked more interesting than the original images. I saved them to my gallery in graphite, watercolor, and gouache, and I can share my processed images with anyone or send them to my printer and frame them as display pieces, if I find any that are particularly interesting.

With each type of effect there is a tool that looks like slider adjustments. These are to set the brightness, hue, and line width of each image to my preference. I can make the sketched image seem like a light sketch using hard graphite or a dark drawing using soft graphite or charcoal. With the watercolor and gouache effects, I can adjust the hue to get a wild finish of various colors for a stylized look to my picture.

After I am happy with how the finished product appears, I can save the image to my gallery, tweet it, post it, email it, send it to another Bluetooth device, or share it on many other sites. I am using Sketch Guru to transform many of the pictures I have taken over the years, and it seems that I could make a scrapbook that would be wonderful, even if I did not actually draw all the images.

Like nearly all free apps, there are ads on my version of Sketch Guru, but they are not excessive in my opinion. I suspect that different devices will treat ads differently, and some have commented that they have been inundated with ads when working with Sketch Guru, but that has not been my experience. There is the usual banner ad, and I also see full page ads when I switch out of the picture I was processing. There is always a close icon I can touch that makes the ad disappear so I can look for other pictures.

I would recommend Sketch Guru to anyone who wants to add interesting effects to any picture and post them on their favorite sites. I might recommend it to art students as a study guide on the elements of an image. I would hesitate to bring up the topic of Sketch Guru in front of professional artists and illustrators because I would fear a backlash against an app that makes virtually any image into a fun and interesting sketch in just a few seconds.


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