Say What English Translation App Review

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Say What is an English to English translation, iPhone application. It is produced by the reputable Fastforward Productions Company. It is created and sold by Marybeth Everhart. The app was released on 16th June, 2016. It enables the user to master English language worldwide. There are many versions of English language worldwide. This app also helps in translation English slang into American English. It is suitable for travelers who are likely to encounter language barriers. It fosters business and tourism industry by allowing people from different English speaking countries to interact with ease. It covers the most common English speaking countries. However, the company is adding other countries to the list. The user can submit new words and phrases and obtain their translation. Findings on new entries can be saved in a list. As a result, the user masters all versions of English language around the world. It provides a fun way of impressing the locals with English knowledge.


Say What requires 13.4 MB download space. It runs on iOS 7.1 platform or later. Therefore, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is designed with an intelligent search. The user can easily input the unfamiliar word. The app performs an optimized search based on the source country. It enables the user to learn English terms from England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa. It allows the user to select the appropriate country and review the list of words and phrases. This app provides a clear and seamless translation of the phrases into American English. It enables the user to add new words and phrases to the specific country list. The user can check the list for updates and search for new words. This can be done while in the plane, ordering a meal or walking down the streets of the destination country. Travelers can buy different things without any hassle. It eliminates the risks of being misunderstood especially during business trips. It provides fun by realizing that one word has different meanings in different countries. Currently, it is supported in three Anglophone countries. However, more updates are being done to include more English speaking tourist and business destinations. The traveler can enjoy and explore new words form different destinations while using the local slang confidently.


-Provides a fun way of learning different English versions

-Eliminates language barriers for travelers

-User friendly interface

-Free download

-Clear translations

-Advanced Search

-Saves a customized list


-Limited English speaking countries

-Not compatible with lower iOS versions

This unique app focuses on language barriers that travelers may face when in other English speaking countries. It focuses on this specific area as opposed to other dictionary and translation apps that target travelers going to non-English speaking countries. It allows travelers to enjoy their vacations too. The elimination of the language barriers promotes networking while visiting different English-speaking countries. It helps travelers in English-speaking countries to understand different regional meanings of common English words. It therefore encourages people to visit other English speaking countries frequently. It is indeed a revolutionary transition app. Say What is available at iTunes for download.

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