Roundme Virtual Tours now available on Android

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Experience the beauty of virtual Spaces right from your smartphone, now for android users too

If you like traveling or know someone who does, you will know how you experience stories along the way. Every place you visit is a new story full of life and enthusiasm. Until now, there was no way to share these stories besides text and images.

Roundme has begun the process of revolutionizing how we share our stories. It is a service that allows users to create, publish and view interactive panoramas, also known as Spaces. Each Space has a unique story to tell and Roundme provides a platform to do so in an interactive and engaging way. The format used by the online app is breath-taking, innovative and unique.

Roundme is now invading the Android space too. It is spreading out its reach so that it may collect more stories. A user can now experience the stunning beauty of the Eiffel Tower, the bustle of Times Square, the chaos of a volcanic eruption or plunge into the depths of the sea. The app is not merely confined to this world- it captures the beauty and splendour of the Milky Way and the Martian deserts too.

Using this app, you can view and find Spaces, add the ones you like to your collection, and browse through the collections to find the best photographers across the world and subscribe to their updates. Travellers can use it for planning out great vacations by finding places of interest, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and more under the respective categories. If you are unsure about visiting a place, you can first do so virtually to get a better feel of what it has in store for you.

You could also pair Roundme with the headset Cardboard to enhance the virtual reality experience. Developers have added navigation controls so you may explore the Space without having to take off your headset. Anyone with a love for photography, especially professionals must give this app a shot. You will be overwhelmed by features that allow you to build your own Spaces using the Android app. You can also hire a professional photographer to curate your virtual tour.

If you like building stories that immerse and engage people, is the app for you. Build virtual panoramas using the tools provided by the app and tell a story from a 360-degree perspective. You can also add pictures, videos, links and other information to make your stories engaging.

editor6Roundme Virtual Tours now available on Android

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