Pyrus: Organize Multiple Tasks Easily !

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Pyrus is a web based app that lets you organizes multiple tasks and projects into one interface and work seamlessly on them with others. You can set and change deadlines and bring in new collaborators with the touch of a finger. For most user Pyrus is absolutely free, but in order to collaborate with 13 people or more you’ll need to pay a monthly charge. None of the plans are all that expensive though.

The new app is reminiscent of the now defunct Google Wave, which allowed Google users to work on live documents simultaneously. It borrows heavily on Google’s design and is just as intuitive as Google Wave users might remember. You can share a workspace with other members, switch quickly between projects and organize changes in a number of different ways to help you take stock of what others are working on. You can organize by task, person or project with Dropbox, Drive and Box integration.

Pyrus let’s you create custom templates for each of the business processes you need to do more than once. You can tailor each field and design the standard workflow for each form you create. You can dictate which members are able to fill out which forms and who can see the information that’s collected. You can have several steps in each workflow chain and it’s easy to keep track of each of the steps as they are being completed by checking the registry. Pyrus also automatically creates summary reports based on the figures you included in your templates and you can customize how general or how specific each report is.

The dynamic approval system allows multiple people to revise who needs to be included in which conversations. If someone who isn’t usually involved in a particular part of your business needs to be brought in for consultation you can easily add them with the one-time approval setting.

Best of all Pyrus integrates with the vast majority of tools you’re already using for your business. It can pull data from spreadsheets and pull data directly from online forms so customer information can become part of your data stream. If you are short on time you can send a special email to your Pyrus account to instantly create a task for other members. It has an add-on for outlook so you can grab all of your contact info and integrate it with members. You can then decide which email addresses create which sorts of tasks and to whom they are visible.

Pyrus is a powerful app that can bring unity to the workflow of businesses that have a lot of diverse data and workflow subgroups. It also allows for frequent changes to normal workflow methods and provides multiple ways to over-see the entire process. Businesses that have multiple locations or travel frequently will find Pyrus even more useful as it’s integration with so many other popular apps and means of communication allows you to quickly deal with live documents quickly from any phone or computer simply by writing an email.

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