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This is a state of the art system that is a must have for all hard core gamers and also anyone looking for a new gaming experience. This kind of play station is quite unique both in the set top box market as well as the gaming space in it .This system is most certainly the avenue for the die-hard gamers to even fall in love more with their gaming hobby as they experience flexibilty.

PlayStation – TV is inexpensive which makes it affordable to the game lovers.It has been developed in such a way that it does not have a screen. However it does allow the user to stream their favorite music as well as films to a television.Normally the streaming is done using an HDMI cable.In addition to this,the PlayStation – TV is also capable of allowing users to stream a variety of their favorite PS4 games to any television within the house. This streaming is done using a remote play.

This feature is an advancement of some of the features found in PS4. The advantage of this feature is that users can start playing a game in the living room and then change it to Play station -TV system in their bedroom or even any other room with a television set in the house when its almost or even half way through.

The lovers and users of Playstation-TV have the ability to also play their favorite PS3 through any Sony PlayStation. This will enable many fans to enjoy their games at the comfort of their homes.Holders of Sony PlayStation have surely not been neglected since the PlayStation-TV has catered for their needs to the core. Also the users have access to over one thousand software titles such as PS Vita and PSP with the use of a wireless controller.

With all this well stated ,PlayStation -TV is most certainly a game changer. This makes it an ideal companion to the PS4. The combination of both the PS4 and PlayStation – TV has so far proved to have a greater advantage and especially in the sense that users can stream games and music live as well as the remote play. One could argue that live streaming may be affected by the the slow internet speed thus making it slow but this is not so. This is because the device has been built in such a way that the streaming will not be affected by the slow internet speed but instead the streaming is fast . When this system is properly executed,this PlayStation-TV could provide a way for the users and gamers to have access to their Sony devices and also get some content along with other third party devices such as Hulu and even Netflix. This is a definitely a feature to watch out for since this brings out a high degree of flexibility.

PlayStation TV is very capable of running Vita and also PSP games in a native way. PlayStation – TV will come with a 1GB of storage space,more specifically an on board form of storage for downloaded games. In addition the PlayStation will also have a slot for the PS Vita memory cards. This will surely enable the users to add up to 64GB of storage.This amount of space is large enough to accommodate all the content the user would like.

Unlike the traditional habit of limiting the streaming media box to Sony content only,in PlayStation-TV the streaming media box is not limited to Sony content only. This will allow gamers to stream more content depending with ones preference and choice. This will help the gamers explore a wide variety of content and make their gaming experience more enjoyable and adventurous. This way,Sony has been able to achieve parity.

The PlayStation – TV is a must have system for all the lovers of gaming and even for anyone seeking to have an extremely fun time not forgetting its flexibility which will take gaming into a whole new level. The attractive price of PlayStation – TV is also another factor that will motivate you to purchase it and enjoy the new adventure with the state of the art system. Not forgetting ability to stream live and at a high speed.


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