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The continuing evolution of technology makes everything easily accessible. From grocery, mall shopping to talking to other people who live miles away. Everything seemed to be wonderfully enhanced that everything can be achieved with a push of a button or a touch on your screen.

In today’s world, with the use of different technology, it is impossible to find nothing to do. In fact, in just the US alone, almost 50 – 64% of the population has smart phones and knows how to use it conveniently and effectively.
With the development of technology, a lot of other simple things has been modernized as well. Before, parents and the generations before them get hooked on a daily crossword puzzle. It was spread on the page sheet of some newspapers and people get excited to solve them every day.

Now, with the help of modern technology, one of the favorite past time of our elders have been developed into an application called Wealth Words.

Wealth Words is a modernized version of the crossword puzzle that allows people to play and solve puzzles online, together with other crossword puzzle enthusiasts around the world. Not only will you enjoy solving the puzzle, but you will also win real money for you will be competing with other puzzle solvers around the globe.

This is the perfect past time since you will enjoy, have fun and earn some bucks all at the same time.
Joining is easy, all you need to do is sign up online by going to their website. Once there, you will be allowed to register for free by using a working email. Remember to put an email address that you can access so you can verify the confirmation message they will send you when you sign up.

You will be asked for simple personal details such as desire username and password to make sure you are the only one who can access your account. There is also an option to use or link the website to your Facebook account to be registered instantly.

You will also be asked to create, if there’s none or provide your PayPal account for your winnings.
Once you’re done with registration, you can start playing. You could compete with other players and win instant cash if you ranked first in solving the puzzle. You don’t need to worry since you will solve one puzzle at a time and will start all at the same time.


Wealth words puzzle is a perfect buddy for crossword puzzle enthusiasts to fight off boredom.Crosswords puzzle can be easily accessible, just log-in to your wealth words account and start solving.You can win instant cash that you can transfer to your bank account through PayPal.It offers unlimited fun as you can access it wherever, whenever.You can download it to your smart phone and IOS or Android devices.


It requires a stable internet connection since an intermittent one can affect your chances of winning if competing with others.You have to buy tokens to play or compete, meaning buying in-app purchases.


Wealth words puzzle is the best alternative for crossword puzzles on paper. It offers endless puzzle to be solved with a much fun twist that is not only great and entertaining, but will enhance your vocabulary as well. So if you’re looking for a way to practice your crossword puzzle skills, this is the best game to play. A chance to win money also came in as a bonus.

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