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PIPE MICRO MESSENGER APP is simple form of communication Android app is far more than just simple. It gets the messages of users across in a very big way that is touching and means something every time.

What makes Pipe Micro Messaging Android App outstanding is its unique form of message delivery. What is this special way? This special way is all about micro messages that are brief and straight to the point. This is because they do contain only a DOT link in them and a message. They are fascinating and great at the same time. They say a whole lot without having to really say much. They are indeed every inch the smart alternative to having missed calls.

Pipe is a great way to communicate with something important to say or share whenever the mood or moment strikes. They do make communications simply spot-on and dot-on each time they are sent to family or friends. Some missed calls can be very important, while others may not be, just as important. Nonetheless, they are still messages, and these messages can let others know you did miss their call but hello all the same. For instance, if you miss someone’s call, who is away from home. You can send them a dot message from Pipe saying “Dot me back on Pipe just as soon as you get back to the house!”

What is also great about Pipe is everything. This means you can share messages for missed phone calls and so much more. The so much more can be all about news stories, trending topics, or anything of interest on the internet that you may want to share with others. You can do this by sending them a DOT link to whatever you want to share with others the most and that is of importance to you.

Pipe Micro Messaging Android App makes quick communication fun, interactive, and real-time all the time!



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