Pingz- Must Have App for Personal and Business Purpose

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I highly recommend this app. I originally found Pingz and was intrigued because it would allow me to send pictures in a montage to others. What I discovered is that I have the ability to narrate along with the photos! My children enjoyed making slide shows of their antics with friends and then narrating their own crazy stories to go with the pictures. They had us in cracking up with their creativity, it was hours of fun! My in-laws live over 600 miles away and this app has allowed us to quickly bring them up to speed on special family events. We recently sent them a montage of my youngest daughter’s birthday and she was able to explain the fun she was having in each picture.


What a sweet bonus for them to not only see the pictures, but hear their granddaughter’s voice telling them all about it! In addition because you can save it as a video they get to watch it again and again and show it off to their friends.
My husband is a middle school high school teacher. With Pingz he was able to create a slide show of our trip cross country. For each picture he was able to include a brief lesson on the historical significance of the location, and how it applied to what they were learning. It was a fun and creative way for his students experience such diverse locations as Yellowstone, Mt Hood, Mt Rushmore and Chicago from their classroom! His class was able to create an assignment in return using Pingz.

I have to say while I first used this for fun with my family, I quickly realized the work benefits from Pingz. Just yesterday I wanted to send a screen shot of a text conversation that needed some clarification. It was so easy for me to select the screen shot from my photos, then add a brief verbal explanation of the context in which it had been received. My boss was immediately able to use the information effectively without needing an extended back and forth text conversation which would otherwise have been required. I also used Pingz to take pictures of curriculum options for my staff and post it to our private youtube channel; it was great to be able to describe what I liked best about each curriculum with it’s photo. It made it very easy for my staff to then later review the curriculum in person and refer back to my comments on the video.

The app itself is very easy to use with a clear video tutorial that will answer any questions you may have; although I did not need it as the app was very intuitive. I also appreciate how easy it is to connect and share with social media, the options are great – Facebook, youtube, jigsaw and of course text and email. I also like that once you have created the picture and recording you can choose to save it to your device. This has already proved invaluable. This is a must have for personal or business purposes.

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editor6Pingz- Must Have App for Personal and Business Purpose

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