PIN Genie Locker – Review

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I was wondering around the Google Play Store when I stumbled upon a screen locker app – PIN Genie Locker. Usually I wouldn’t really think about getting a security app (not even an anti-virus), but after realizing how terrible the standard Android 4.4.2 lock is, I took a second thought and ended up downloading the application.

A couple of megabytes later, I had the application installed on my phone and I’ve decided to try it out, so I clicked on it. When I got in I was prompted to allow the application to lock my phone, and when I pressed on it the app took me to the exact settings area, where all I had to do was tick the box that gave the app its necessary permissions, and I was done! So, after the technical things were out of the way I started setting up the type of lock I would have (right after setting the intruder capturer, a feature that activates the selfie camera when someone enters a wrong unlock pattern 3 times in a row, cool right?), and although some unlock features that I like weren’t there, there was an interesting PIN code pattern, where you put 4 numbers in, and when unlocking you would see 3 groups of numbers, and if you would like to unlock the phone, you have to press on the group where each number is, that way, if someone’s looking at you while you unlock you phone, he won’t be able to tell which numbers exactly you pressed, both because they’re in groups, and because the numbers scramble every time someone tries to unlock the phone. I thought it was a nice gimmick, so I have decided to try using that new unlock method. After I chose it, the app prompted me to enter 4 numbers (as usual), and after setting them the app gave me a message that I can back up the password using my e-mail address, and if I’d forget the code (I tested it on other unlock patterns, it works in all of them) it would send the code to my e-mail address. “Why not?” I said, and entered my e-mail address in the designated entry field, and soon after I was done, I got a new e-mail, with my password in it, in case I forget what it was. Certainly, a helpful feature! After all of that was over the application gave me a couple of options in case I forget the password, and cannot enter my e-mail – it has presented a couple of security questions (your first pet name, childhood nickname etc.) and gave me the ability to choose one, and enter my answer.

it was pretty easy to set up at the end, and after 5 minutes I was all done, so I’ve decided to lock my phone, and start messing with the new application.

I re-opened my phone and was greeted with what looked like an iOS locking screen, with “swipe to unlock” written on the bottom, A clock on the top and an arrow pointing upwards, and after pressing on the arrow some options like Wi-Fi, brightness control and messages from WhatsApp. It was actually pretty nice and esthetic, after all I always admired the clean look of iPhones.

Swiping the screen right took me to the unlock screen, which didn’t really have much other than the actual unlock area itself and a small button in the corner in case you want to opt for using a security question, in case you forgot your unlock pattern. But swiping to the left, took me to an unexpected area: the weather forecast! The reason why I was surprised was mostly because there was no indication on the starting lock screen that there’s a weather forecast on the right (something that needs to be added). The weather forecast looks pretty simple and nice, with the current temperature written on the top, too bad it was only in Fahrenheit though, because in many countries people use Centigrade instead. But it had wind speed and the forecast for the next week, so I was pleased enough.


· The nice look of the locking screen, on all areas.

· The ease of setting up the password.

· The new pattern.



· Lack of some locking mechanisms like face unlock, fingerprint etc.

· No indication that there’s a weather forecast on the right.

· The fact there’s only Fahrenheit on the temperature screen.


While people with more advanced Android versions might not really need an app like this, people with older phones (like me) might like the new aesthetics and lock. So, if you want to get a new look for your locking screen, this app is for you!

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