PIN Genie Locker – For Best Security Screen Lock

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When you have a computer, a smartphone and a tablet, then you know that you have to make sure they are protected, you have to protect it, how do you then protect your phone the best way. You must make sure all your pictures; private mails are protected securely. Maybe you also have documents on your phone or emails of a certain character that you need to protect, and nothing does it better thatn PIN Genie Locker.

The technology used for the PIN Genie Locker is patented so you will not find any other company using, it is something truly unique and special, a whole new way of thinking about security for your phone, and something that will give you ultimate protection in a whole new way.

With Pin Genie Locker app you are protecting your phone in the best way possible, if someone tried to open your phone then a photo will be taken of the intruder by your camera, something you can watch from your computer, something the local police will be very happy with, something that provide you evidence and proof who has stolen your phone.

With just 4 buttons PIN Genie Locker gives you the best security of all times, something all people will be happy about. It is easy to use and very easy to incorporate, and you will certainly not regret using this ap, once you have tried it you will never again change it
When you are using our product then you getting an app that uses numbers like all other phones, but you will have 4 buttons that are rotating every time you turn on the phone, the four buttons are consisting of the numbers you will normally find on your screen, but they rotate in the four buttons, so you will find the numbers you just have to find your pin numbers and press it accordingly and your phone is open.

When you are using PIN Genie Locker, then you also get a toolbar for a quick access when you are receiving both mails, text messages and calls, and then you are able to access it all quickly and you do not have to open your phone to accept call and text messages, you just push the toolbar and you will be able to access it quick and easy.
When someone tries to open your phone and uses the wrong pin number 3 times you have the option of locking your phone, then you have to use a special access code to get to your access code, that is just another security feature that ensures your phone is protected from strangers prying eyes.

If your phone is left at home and someone is trying to enter your phone then you will get an email alert and you are able to take action immediately, just one of the many safety features of this amazing security program for your phone, something you will not find better on the market today.

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editor6PIN Genie Locker – For Best Security Screen Lock

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