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In an age where information submitted to the internet seems less and less secure, many have turned to PGP messaging to keep sensitive information from the reach of outside parties. PGP messaging is a method of encryption that keeps messages private between each individual. Each user is provided with a unique key that must be entered in order send or receive a message. This ensures that only one person can read a message that is sent and keeps sensitive information private.


While PGP is very useful, it is often very difficult for a new user to get accustomed to it. In light of this problem, the app PGPTools for Android and Apple phones helps take away the confusion of using PGP by providing an intuitive method of generating and using personal PGP keys.

Often, one has to download a third party program on their personal computer to generate an individual PGP key. The process of finding an adequate program is often difficult, and once one finds a necessary outlet, figuring out how to use the program presents another challenge. With PGPTools, the process becomes much more simple. One can generate their own personal PGP key within the app – eliminating the need to use complicated outside software to make a key. This development greatly simplifies an often complicated process.


If one already has an existing PGP key, you can still use the app; PGPTools allows one to import existing PGP keys and use the app’s other helpful features. This is particularly useful to people who have generated a PGP key for themselves in the past, but have had difficulty sending and receiving messages through their respective programs. PGPTools lets you encrypt outgoing messages and decrypt incoming messages from within the app – a very helpful tool for those who struggle with using third party PGP programs. The fact that one can generate their own PGP from within the app then use this feature of sending and receiving makes PGP Tools a very convenient resource.

Clearly, simplicity and convenience are the major advantages of this app. The display is very intuitive. There isn’t a lot of junk clogging up the page; everything in the app seems to be designed to help you send and receive PGP messages in the quickest way possible. Given the multiple steps required to send PGP in other forms of software, this is a very refreshing feature. In the limited time that I’ve used the app, I also didn’t notice any bugs or glitches that impeded the app’s performance. Everything seemed to function well and in an intuitive manner.

The fact that one can generate their own key within the app and send and receive encrypted messages makes PGPTools a worthy investment – especially for those who struggle with using PGP through complicated third party providers. If you’re looking to protect your sensitive information in the messages you send but have struggled with previous PGP programs, or are a new person looking to used PGP for the first time, PGPTools is an incredibly helpful tool.

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editor6PGPTools -An incredibly helpful tool

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