Out of brakes brings the childhood back!!

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The game Out of brakes is the one which you have never played before. The uniqueness of this game is that it just takes you back to your childhood where you and your friend used to race the cars and crash them in the obstacles which used to come on the way.


But now the rules have changed.

Some of the amazing features which sets this game apart are :
• Addictive – This will surely get you addicted.

• Gameplay – The gameplay of this game is really interesting as well as adventurous and you will never feel bored while playing it.

• Graphics – The graphics provided in this game are well enough to run the game and to provide you a good experience.

• Levels – Each level is well designed keeping in view the mind of the player and a great variety of levels are added.

• Highscores – This allows the players to compete with themselves and other users in the world.

• Cars – Different models of car designed which are not really like the real worlds but while driving them you will joy yourself and will have fun by the way the cars go through the blocks and hit themselves which is one of the greatest features of this game.


• Multiplayer – Compete with the world and stand a chance to be the winner.

• More – Experience all these features and discover some new by downloading this game.
This game is not made for a particular person but is made for everyone who loves gaming whether be it Action,Arcade,Strategy etc.

There are many other racing games having similar features like the Out Of Brakes but the one features sets it apart is that it is the first racing game in which cars have no Breaks. At first it may feel scary but as you get into the gameplay the stories takes a twist which is a secret and you will only come to know when you play it.The availability of different colours for the cars and the feature to customise them makes the game more interesting.


By unlocking new levels and setting up the highscore you will be awarded prizes which are none other than our beloved cars.The whole concept of this game is far more different from other racing games where you have to provide more and more speed to be the winners but here you will have to do opposite of which will only be possible when you strike your car towards the walls which will decrease the speed of the car. It sound’s a little confusing but when you will play you will come to know.

All these features together prove this game to be a clear winner. So the rivals be scared as the Father of all the games has arrived to give back you a tough competition. So what you all are waiting for ? Just go, download and show off these amazing features in front of your friends and family.

Ratings for this game are :
Gameplay : 5 out of 5.
Graphics : 4 out of 5.
User Experience : 5 out of 5.
Performance : 5 out 5
Overall Rating : 5

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editor6Out of brakes brings the childhood back!!

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