Orderly: Keeping You Organized

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If you have been looking for the best todo list app, you have now got it. Orderly is an incredible app that allows you to organize all your tasks in the simplest way possible. It is visually appealing too; you can easily customize it by choosing from the available themes. You can even back up your lists on the cloud seamlessly. This app ensures that you never miss any planned activity.

Key features

Prioritize your activities

You can prioritize an activity as either low, medium or high. The app then automatically categorizes the activities by order of priority in a list and presents them in three levels at a glance. You can play around with the note fonts, font sizes and font colors so that you can easily pick out high priority activities. It just lets you avoid mix-ups, so that you can allocate enough time on the high priority tasks but still be able to accomplish the low priority tasks.


Simple note taking

Whatever it is your are noting down, Orderly makes it so simple for you. You can choose to set reminders for the entire note or the individual item on the list. This versatility ensures that you can group tasks that should be done at the same time. The drop-down menus ensures that you set the time, color, and priority of the task at a go. It also automatically numbers your list so that you can have a rough estimate of the amount of time it would take you to accomplish them.

Location reminder

This is one of the coolest features I found on this app. For a task at hand, you can set a location for it so that when you drive or walk near the location, the app notifies you by vibrating lightly on your pocket. This feature is great as you will avoid going back and forth as you look to strike off the tasks on the list.


Notification of the day’s task

Orderly gives you a glance of the day’s activities on the pull down notification bar. It neatly organizes them based on their priority. There is even no need to open the app as the list on the notification is enough to jog you mind.

Archive your completed tasks

The accomplished activities are never deleted, they are just archived. There is particularly great as you can easily restore an old list instead of repeating the process of writing it over again. The archive also gives a feeling of self satisfaction on the tasks you were able to accomplish by just going through it.

Set recurring activities

Let’s face it; some activities just keep coming up recurrently be it daily, weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly or yearly. There is no good reason to set your wedding anniversary each year when you can just set it as a recurring activity on the Orderly app.


Orderly is a great app to have on either your iPhone or iPad as it will help you to be more organized and have you priorities right. The app gives you lots of freedom when it comes to setting font sizes and font colors. Its ability to support gestures is also a great addition.

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