nstaCharge : Strategy and Speed Game !

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We all need a break from our busy schedules every now and then so that the brain can function efficiently. People are different there are those who prefer drinking during their free times and others engage in more productive activities. If there is one thing that everyone agrees on is that games are for everyone. When you find a game that is compatible to your device you can’t wait to challenge your brain and start playing. The daily development of technology has enabled us to have a variety of games at our disposal and we have the luxury of choosing what makes us happy. Developers are competing against themselves so as to offer us the best forms of entertainment, which is a good thing for us as consumers. It guarantees that we only get the best.


A new game was recently launched and is now available on apple store; it goes by the name nstaCharge. It is designed for the bike lovers and anyone else who loves the feeling of rushing adrenaline through their veins.

There are a lot of things we can’t experience firsthand, but with the right attitude and a creative mind we can just create the fantasy in our minds and have fun.


NstaCharge has a character by the name of Rusty who has a star-cycle. He has a point to prove to his friend Lola who thinks that he will crush and won’t be able to get far. In a way he wants to impress her and prove that she is wrong. He takes on the quest of riding his cycle over a road that is filled with obstacles that he needs to dodge while picking up boosts so as to recharge and maintain his energy level with Lola hot on his toes. Maintaining a lead over Lola is important for Rusty as it shows that he will win.

This is a game that requires the use of strategy and speed. A simple delay throws you off course and your end up drained. You also have Lola whom you have to defeat.

The longer you stay on course and collect boosts on the way the higher you score and are able to keep playing. The color of the game is appealing and friendly to the eyes. It is compatible with apple devices, but plans for expansion are underway and it will soon be available for android. The game allows you to see boosts that are ahead so you can decide on the best way and angle for you to collect them.


This is a nice game for those ones who are looking for something to keep them occupied for a while. It is also a good way for someone to exercise their brain in coming up with strategies. It improves concentration so that one does not miss any boosts or treasures that are on the way.

The developers have produced other games that have received good feedback and so we expect nothing short of fun from this game as well.

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