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If you intend to communicate with your loved one’s and with the people in your life easily, cheaply and of course free of charge, then you need to get the Now messenger, which is more or less just like a texting application that allows you to send messages free of charge. You literally do not have to pay for every message sent. This is because it employs the data plan to help one to send the messages from their android devices. Well, the now messenger is a live and a real time messaging application that gives its users the ability to communicate using short text messages or simply using the SMS through either the contacts that do not have an applications and later on be in a position to switch between the SMS mode and the real-time mode after establishing a good communication between the contacts. The Now messenger is known to be mainly compatible with the Android phones and devices, from which you will be able to download and to install the application for free. Now messengers allows you to communicate and to message people in your phone book by simply entering the phone numbers inside your phone in the bid to add more new contacts.


With the Now messenger, you can send either texts, images and voice recordings and be in a position to take back the contents before the recipient can download them on their phone. In fact, with this messenger, you will be able to receive both SMS or MMS message within this app whenever the SMS mode is on. All that you need to do is to simply edit any of the messages both in the present and those of the past at any one time in real time mode. With this application, you will be in a position to shoot videos and take snaps or any other photos right from this application and later on be in a position to send them with just a tap on the screen. Interestingly, this application will also enable you to have a Group Chat or communication with almost an unlimited number of participants in a real time speed although with no group admin in the group chat.


However, in the group under this app, any participant is able to remove and to add others at their own will which removes the burden from the group chat owner, although, the group chat owner is indispensable and can not therefore be removed after all. In addition to some of these features, Now messenger supports features like the basic emoticons and has the ability to alter the chat background image as well as to easily remove messages in the chat history by simply swiping either to the left or to the right. Furthermore, this application also allows one to block the contacts that he or she do not need or remove selectable contacts from their contact list. The Now messenger is indeed one very friendly and an easy to use application that you can readily install and begin using as soon as you download and instal it in your android smart phone.

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