Mypostcard – Traditional Greeting App for iOS

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Do you want to create and later send personalized greeting and photo cards directly from your tablet or Smartphone? It is now possible to design paper cards and greeting cards using your smartphone.No matter where you want your photo or greeting card to be sent, you can easily do all these tasks using your Smartphone courtesy of Mypostcard iPhone app.

It is now easy to share those special moments with your friends and loved ones around the world. This new app will allow users to create all types of cards from their mobile devices, make them customized and later sending them.These cards can be personalized using your photos. The card will show your experience by sending exactly the pictures that match your message.

The amazing feature of the app is that users are not required to do any task for photos to be sent. All you are required to do is create a card and click the send button and your photo or card reaches your intended recipient. The app will do all the postage necessary for your recipient’s to receive the card.

This a great benefit to users that saves them a lot of time that could be wasted doing all the postings. Many people do not have time to search for postcards and going all the cumbersome postage process.

How to use Mypostcard iphone app

There are icons that are located at the screen bottom strategically in order of the steps users should follow to create and send the cards as illustrated below;

– Select the style-This icon will help you to select the postcard image layout.

Choose photo- It is here that you are supposed to select the photos that you would like to use in your template.

-Write-This is where you put across the message that you want to include in your postcard.

View- This is the final step before you send your postcard.

-Send-This is where the app is tasked to print the card on quality materials and later send it to the intended recipients.

You do not need to worry about the rest! The app will take care of the postage and until the card reaches your recipients.

The app can be downloaded for free on Google Play store and on iTunes. It is compatible with iOS and android devices. It is also available in Dutch, English, Spanish and German Languages. The app requires iOS version 7.0. It is also compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPad.However, the app works well with all android devices. There are more than 5000 positive reviews of clients who have used the app and have been satisfied.

Many users focus on sending hardcopy cards, but the app can send digital postcards as well. There are many apps in the market, but Mypostcard app is simply the best.

Final verdict

From my own experience using the app, I can confidently confess that this app provides a hassle-free of sending greeting and post cards conveniently at no extra cost. If you have searched for an easier way to create cards, then download Mypostcard iPhone app today.

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