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Do you ever recall how much data you use daily? I mean before you go to bed, do you ever try to sum up your entire day in terms of MB of data that your device has exchanged with the rest of the world? It might sound weird at first but there’s a reason to do so: to save money. Money is important and wasting it on excess of data is just not acceptable. But if you cannot change your spendthrift attitude, at least you can opt for a better plan because right now; you’re paying more and using less.

A recent survey by MTX Connect, the data-only SIM providing mobile operator has revealed that more than 57% of the 500+ Americans surveyed have “no idea” about their data usage. They don’t know the amount of data they use and therefore they don’t know how much they’re paying to afford them. Data charges form a major part of our mobile bills and ignoring them can be a risky choice.

What’s more interesting is that on an individual level, an American consumes 1.8GB/month of data which in comparison to 2012 is almost 4 times when it was 450MB/month. We must also keep in mind that most of the time, we’re using Wi-Fi or public hotspots and therefore the actual data usage is just uncountable. So when we’re so much relied on the web, why don’t we grab a better deal for it!

Another important observation of the survey claims that 73% Americans do not have any international data plan. That might raise some eyebrows because in a country where more than 50% population travels outside the country, it’s careless to cross the border without being properly equipped at the first place. Maybe they rely on the Wi-Fi stations of other countries, but it’d be worth amusing how many do they actually find!

When you’re on an international tour, then these are the busiest days for your internet carrier because you use emails, Facebook, Twitter and lots of Instagram (if you’re on a family vacation). So it’s hopeless to hope for affordable bills in such cases. However, if you had opt for an international plan, not only had your bills been much lower but you’d have got much more data to your credit.

So the next time you’re about to turn on data facility on your Smartphone; think of MTX Connect. They’re providing data-only SIM cards at prices that are affordable, competitive and offer flexible plans that are suitable to every individual. The Luxembourg based MVNO i.e. Mobile Virtual Network Operator is successfully providing broadband and internet services across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australasia since 2013. The benefit of using MTX Connect data services is that they’re available across 30 European nations and you can roam freely in all these territories.

So before your mobile bill starts getting more than the cost of your mobile phone, it’s good to take some action. In this case, you just have to take a SIM card!

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