Modern Words : Prepare to be glued to the screen!

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Take the title as a warning; you will not be able to stop playing these games once you start. For those of us who enjoy the entertainment that mentally stimulating games bring, this app will offer three classic options to work those brain muscles and potentially waste time… But no matter. You can take your pick from the many anagrams, crosswords, and word searches available; and within those are different modes, packs, and categories to choose from.


In the Anagrams’ ‘Puzzle Mode,’ I couldn’t help but think that it was helping me develop my Scrabble/Words With Friends skills. It’s the typical drill: it offers you a set of letters, and you mix them however you can until you find all of the different combinations (Extra helpful: it shows the number of words it’s looking for with the amount of letters each of those is comprised of.) Use your hints wisely! Since the app is free, it starts you out with a number of free hints, and once you spend those, you either have to watch a 5 second ad to earn 3 more or buy 20 hints for $.99.


The other Anagram Modes are Riddles and something called ‘Mini-Crossers.’ As riddles go, you’re offered a question to answer with the selection of letters given. With the Mini-Crossers – as you’ve probably guessed – it gives you a mini crossword puzzle, with a couple letters filled out, and the daunting task of figuring the rest out. Granted, this is a bit simpler than the typical crossword puzzle, because it’s smaller and gives you the letters to use to solve it. However, I’ve never been very good at any sort of crossword puzzle, so I found myself using up the hints pretty quickly. Let’s just say I stuck to the other modes.


Knowing my struggle with crossword puzzles all too well, you could probably assume that I didn’t play the actual Crossword puzzles too much. BUT I did take a gander at them, and I managed to complete one or two (…with the help of a thesaurus.) However, apart from Sudoku puzzles, Word Searches are my forte. So you can only imagine how much time I spent on that section. With different themes, and categories within those themes, I found a lot that I could suddenly procrastinate my responsibilities with.
As I mentioned before, this is a free app. And, as I hinted, ads are indeed involved. The pop-up ads aren’t too frequent, so the only potentially frustrating part is that, in each of the games, you are given one group or category for free, with multiple puzzles in each. In order to unlock the rest of the groups, you have to watch an ad. But rest easy: they’re only 5 seconds long. So I’d imagine most would be willing to spend 5 seconds for all that entertainment that lies on the other side. Or, you could do the easier, less time-consuming thing, and pay $2.99 to unlock all of the puzzles, remove all of the ads, and receive 15 hints. But it’s up to you.

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editor6Modern Words : Prepare to be glued to the screen!

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