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Modern War by Funzio on iOS is a free military-themed time management strategy game which features over 300 missions and goals to complete in 30 different world areas. Essentially a PVP game where the goal is to build a global empire and destroy opponents, Modern War claims to be the first realistic war game.

Like all resource-management games from Sim City onwards, Modern War requires that various buildings be created and resources harvested before the real war game can commence. In Modern War, energy is the most important resource as without it you will not be able to accept missions and attack your enemies. The second most important resource is stamina. Although its total is mostly due to the number of buildings and troops created, it replenishes over time.

Fortifications can be built using the intuitive menus accessible after tapping the clipboard icon on your command center screen. Simply tap “Store” to see what is available for your given level, and follow through the instructions with further taps until buildings, soldiers, and weapons are created. Some of these items will take a long time to be created later on in the game, but in the beginning not so much. A good rule of thumb is that the more an item costs, the longer it takes to build. You can keep going back through the menus to upgrade resources and skill levels as and when you have the necessary amounts of cash to do so.

Military units are divided into Infantry, Ground, Air, and Sea categories, and some items are locked with a padlock icon until a certain level or number of missions has been achieved. Some great weapons come as rewards, but the most powerful items will usually require in-app purchases.

Tapping on the “To Enemy Outpost” button takes you directly to your enemy where you can attack troops, weapons, and buildings according to your energy/stamina levels, unit numbers, and experience. Only the items highlighted with a yellow arrow can be selected. To accept a mission, you simply tap one of the yellow arrows and watch the battle play out. Successful battles will give you points and cash. You can continue to accept missions until your energy or stamina is completely depleted.

The question of whether or not these tiny virtual battles constitute being “realistic” is mostly redundant when you see the cartoon nature of the graphics and speed of the action. Everything is nicely drawn and animated. Explosions look particularly nice, however, but the graphics are mostly comicbook quality and cannot be confused with the bloodshed and gore which makes war realistic.

To buy or build more resources and military units, you will need lots of cash and gold. Cash can be earned by raiding or attacking enemies or from creating resource-generating buildings which can be collected from such as an armory, factories and silos. Gold acquired through in-game purchases will allow you to expand your base and speed gameplay up.

In the top right corner of the Modern War screen, your current score and level is displayed in terms of experience, and the satisfaction comes from flying through the levels as quickly as you can. If you are continually victorious, you can expect to see your name on the Faction leaderboard and World map eventually.

As far as realistic military strategy in Modern War is concerned, it’s really nothing but commonsense to not attack enemies with lots of allies unless you have lots of allies and military units yourself. That’s really all there is to it. Modern War is designed to be easy and addictive, and it succeeds by being a fun war game too.



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