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Event planning can be a very complicated process if you do not organize matters from before and not have the right mobile event guide apps. Even if it is a small program like a seminar of 10 persons or a massive conference of 5000 people, the process of event planning remains the same. In both cases, accuracy, precision and efficiency is expected from the organizer. A small flaw on the part of the organizer can bring an untold chaotic situation for the entire event. But thanks to mobile event guide the process has become much easier for the organizers. So if, you are an event marketer, you need to make sure you choose the right software for yourself. The given article discusses the features of such apps that can facilitate your life as an even planner.

Earlier the registration process used to be a cumbersome and difficult task. The people who were interested to attend the event had to wait endless hours to get themselves registered. The registration used to be such a time consuming process that often the attendees thought it better not to attend the event than wait uselessly for the registration. Now, with the apps help, the registration process can be done online and people do not have to wait in queues to get the job done. They can do it at any place and any time. For you, as the event marketer, this app will also be useful. You can have the exact record of the registered people very easily and make a note of the number of seats that are left before you need to close the registration process.

You are aware of any kind of problem any delegate is facing inside the venue very easily with the apps help. And when you are aware you can solve the problem instantly, as well. This will increase your efficiency level as an event organizer. The advent of mobile applications has given service providers a whole new idea to be able to connect information related to events. Every detail about the event that is being conducted by a company can be shared or made available on mobile phones. Thus, the user can access the details, and all the information on their mobile devices anytime they want even when they are traveling. The traditional methods that service providers used for promoting event included advertisements through newspapers, pamphlets, businesses magazines etc. However, now there are various advanced tools and techniques available that serve as better platforms. Mobile apps for events are one of those.

The common features of an event app platform are

*  Event planners can send promotional messages to the target audiences.
* They can send links to their potential consumers for additional information.
* Target audiences can be informed about all the features of the event.
* They can also be informed about the benefits or advantages of the seminar or conference.
* Registration details will also be contained in the application.
* The app will also have provisions for ticketing and for the payments.
* Attendee engagement, and not merely satisfaction: a mobile app allows attendees to connect with speakers and exhibitors, have a say in the different agendas and communicate their thoughts and ideas more effectively
* Events as a continuous process: An event isn’t a solitary occurrence. Organizers need to take the data they gather through QR codes, NFC, social networks, surveys and feedback and utilize it post-event to enhance the value to participants long after the curtain falls
* Aligning the event closely with business objectives: A successful event needs to echo organizational goals, whether they are to introduce a product or service, reduce costs, drive sales or just deliver a message.
* Technology is at the forefront of driving one of the biggest changes in the events history. Of all the tools available today, mobile is the one to look out for. Smartphones and tablets provide more touch points to the organizers, attendees, speakers and sponsors than ever before.

With a mobile application for events, guests can now make or modify their travel itineraries, view agendas, engage with speakers and fellow attendees and even buy souvenirs with their mobile handsets.

The following are companies among those offering multi-event apps platforms:

As the world is embracing mobile faster than any other technology before, QuickMobile’s solutions help you create powerful communication channels that inspire conversation and interaction before, during, and after your events. Go where your audience is and give them a resource that fits the way they work and live.

Your events aren’t one size fits all, so why give your attendees the same event experience? CrowdCompass creates unique experience through aconference app, meeting app,corporate app , trade show app,convention app, or educational app. It helps organizations and companies make their,conventions, meetings, trade shows and conferences a lot more popular using the power of mobile event apps.

What sessions, sponsors, and speakers are attendees actually interested in? With a mobile conference app by DoubleDutch, it’s easier than ever for event organizers and marketers to uncover what really matters to attendees and deliver more ROI in the process. Demonstrate that your events are well worth the investment. Optimize the entire event experience with DoubleDutch.

EventMobi is the number 1 event app platform worldwide reaching thousands of event planners and millions of attendees in over 40 countries. Supporting a variety of organizations from Fortune 500 to professional associations, we’re a unique team of tech nerds and event planners striving to make events more impactful. Now, with integrated registration, surveys, live polling, custom event games and more, EventMobi provides everything in one easy-to-use solution. Carefully blending user experience with event experience, attendees have powerful networking and engagement tools leading to more effective, more efficient meetings.

TripBuilder Media has been producing branded mobile applications, notwithstanding folding media for events and promotional products industry.

Built for marketers and event professionals, the Certain platform powers personalized event experiences and facilitates meaningful connections to accelerate business.

Core-apps has expanded the possibilities in business-grade smartphone applications for Trade Shows, Events, Conferences, and Associations with targeted technology and innovative design. Backed by experts in the field of smartphone development and business marketing, we are committed to providing applications that matter.

Smarter Event Technology. Smarter, more personalized and engaging mobile and web event solutions, that help you deliver ground-breaking events.


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