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Mobile app marketing lessons that all the developers should know

The app developers most of the time release apps without any proper feedback from the customers or without any real app marketing strategy. The outcome is their worst nightmare. If you are an app developer, you certainly can get ample amount of great tips from the successful startups on mobile app marketing.

Simplest way is market research

Taking into account the time or money you will be putting to build your app, you may want to ensure that there is a proper demand for it. Without demand, nothing works in the market at all. You want to fill the gap in the market and the bigger the gap you filled, the better it is for you. You can do this by start doing a market research and it does not have to be convoluted. The first thing to do is to estimate the market size. Make use of for estimating the volumes of downloads you can expect by seeing at the space of the competitors. The other thing to do is differentiating to search a distinct approach or satisfy the customers that are unhappy. You can do this by going to the app stores and go through the competitors app reviews. It would take not more than just some hours to combine the information and it will provide you with a decent understanding of the market to move ahead without wasting much time.

Getting feedback

If you get a feeling that there is something that is to be done in a particular niche market, then you should begin brainstorming on the idea and then define what feature your app should be surrounding on. Do not simply just lock yourself in a room for months until your app is completely ready to be released. Get the feedback and get their reviews. Whether they are your peers or potential customers, talk to them about the ideas you have. There are chances that will provide you great feedback and insights that you cannot get with market research.

Start creating interest for your app since the beginning. This is what clearly defines great apps that nail it and get more than million downloads when launched. You do not necessarily need to have a completed product to put up a landing page with a very sexy design and also a signup form. You can simply begin by collecting the emails from the potential customers and the testers straight away and involve them. D not just get their emails and send them when the app is released. They will have no idea at all about who you are.

Keep them in the loop and make those who are most excited as the beta testers for your app. By the end of the day, you will get individuals who will be your die hard fans.

Construct a MVP

Applications are simple products and they are usually meant to do one thing and one thing really well. This means that even more than just a startup, you will require to build a MVP to confirm your market research. It has to be simple but still polished allowing to do something more efficiently while providing a perfect design.

Moreover, App store optimization is even very crucial. You have to do everything to do everything you can so that the users are able to find you easily in the app stores. But you cannot only on that as you do not have enough money to be on the top charts. This is why you shall create a market strategy that makes use of various channels to acquire the users.


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