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There are a number of internet browsers available on the internet and many of them are attractive enough to keep you hooked. But by keeping you hooked, these browsers are only decreasing your efficiency and productivity. It is a well known fact that keeping a focused and uncluttered mind helps you in following your goal. When the petty jobs are took care of, focusing on the primary target becomes easier and this helps you in realizing your potential. Tangram productivity browser lets you do this in the most amazing way. This new browser is all set to fight the giants in the browser industry. Though it is not focusing on the pretty interface and appealing part, it is doing wonders by making complex jobs simpler. The makers of Tangram productivity browser believe in the fact that actions speak louder than words and are bent on providing the best quality service to the users.


The browser is a boon for working professionals. It helps them by minimizing the time wasted on doing petty jobs and helps them increase their productivity manifold. Tangram boasts of the fact that it will offer you an amazing browsing experience. It makes use of the fact that mobile browsing is not very satisfying to the users. And the mobile being the most handy and common tool used for daily activities can be made more efficient to help the user.

The Special Features of Tangram Productivity Browser:the app is a bit different from other browsers due to the following points


*Allows multiple tabs: the app allows users to use multiple tabs and enables easy swiping and switching between the tabs. The app beats various other browsers with this feature. The switching between tabs can be done in no time and without losing any data.

*Analyse information: the browser helps you go through several web pages and analyze the information present in them by grouping the pages or marking them.

*Ability to save the work: You can save your browsing session and continue the next time from the place you left. All this is done to prevent data loss and save time.

*Swipe to close tabs: the tabs that are no longer required by you can simply be swiped away. This enables the user to save time and at the same time add a little style to closing the tabs not required. This makes the user interface exciting and fun.

*Small app size: the app size is small as compared to the other browsers and the number of features are comparatively more.

*Allows easy download of files: the browser allows the users to easily download files from the internet.

*Faster browsing experience: with increased efficiency and speed, you can enjoy a faster and more productive browsing session.

The app is very suitable for working professionals who need a lot of information in a short amount of time. With the ease of switching between tabs and making bookmarks at the ease of a touch, it allows users to experience browsing that can compete with the desktops and laptop experience. With an instant URL button, you can start a new tab while keeping the old ones on a standby mode. Thus we see that Tangram offers an amazing browsing experience which not only saves a lot of time but also increases efficiency and productivity.

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