Making Files Smaller with the Movavi Video Converter

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Video files are notorious for consuming a lot of storage space and as a rule of thumb the higher the bitrate and the resolution, the larger the file size. High definition (HD) video in particular can consume several gigabytes for a single movie, and while that may not be a big issue when you’re working with terabytes worth of storage – if you’re moving it to a mobile device where you’re limited to 16 to 64 gigabytes or thereabouts it could start to cause issues.

When you want to make your file sizes smaller with the Movavi Video Converter, you will have numerous ways of doing so. Some of the options that you could choose to use include:


  • Adjusting the ‘Preferred video size’ slider that can be brought up by clicking on the estimated final video size figure before conversion and will allow you to lower the file size.
  • Using the ‘Smart fit’ option that is located under the ‘Frame size’ list of the ‘Settings’ window. It will let you resize a video while retaining the aspect ratio.
  • Using the ‘Up to size’ option that is located under the ‘Frame size’ list of the ‘Settings’ window. It will let you set a limit on the resolution and resize videos that are too big to fit that limitation.
  • Manually entering a custom resolution in the ‘Custom’ option located under the ‘Frame size’ list of the ‘Settings’ window.

Of course, if you aren’t sure whether or not you want to fiddle with resolutions in that sort of detail – another option would be to select a preset for the mobile device that you’re using. By doing so, the Movavi Video Converter will automatically use the best possible video format and settings for the device – and will make files smaller if their original resolution was too large for that device.
While you’re resizing your video and making it smaller – you may also want to use other methods of doing so, such as cropping it, trimming unnecessary segments of the video, or even splitting it into several separate videos instead. With the features of the Movavi Video Converter it is easy to do so – and you may even want to enhance the video quality, add customizable text, or create an animated GIF if you feel that would be worthwhile. Whatever the case, by the time you’re done you should definitely be able to save some storage space with smaller video file sizes.

adminMaking Files Smaller with the Movavi Video Converter

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