Make every morning great with “My Alarm Clock”

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If you are a time conscious person but wish you could wake up to something pleasant every morning, then you should consider changing your alarm clock. Every Android phone has an alarm clock of some sort but you can download a variety of clocks to suit your needs. A lot of these downloadable clocks have fewer features and can only be customized to a certain point. If you are looking for something special then Apalon Apps offers “My Alarm Clock” free on Google Play with more features and customization options like preset tunes and special themes. You can wake up to the tune of that song that really gets you energized and inspired and go to sleep with a gentle white noise.



– It is a great looking alarm clock with easy to read blue-on-black friendly

– There are various profiles that you can choose from that include unique alarm sounds, volume that fades in or out, the brightness level that can be controlled by simply sliding your finger on the screen

– You can schedule multiple alarms on your android phone

– The alarm can be configured to start a specific application when it switches off

– The clock can also be useful as a timer

– The clock and alarm settings are displayed on screen including the current weather and temperature you would be waking up to

– The app comes with a built-in flashlight

– It comes with two stylish that help turn it into a gorgeous bedside clock

Why you will love this app

All the features are cool, especially if you are looking for more than just functionality from your alarm clock. The sounds that it plays and the fact that you can preset it for workdays, off days and short bursts of naps makes it the only clock you will ever need. You can program it to play your favorite tune at a preset volume or to go to your favorite Internet radio station. The volume fades slowly until you flip over to the snooze option.

“My Alarm Clock” has all the features that you could want from an alarm clock but the best thing is that it does not interfere with anything else you need on your android device screen. For instance, you can set multiple alarms. It has a useful docking mode that is useful when you are the kind of person who leaves their phone to charge overnight. This is one alarm clock that lets you wake up the way you want to, to the sound that makes your day special.


With all the features and customization options, you would think there is nothing more you could ask from an alarm clock app but this one goes a couple of steps further. The great thing about it is that it is free to download but there is an upgraded version that is free of third party ad banners and features you may like to try out. The free version is great but once you’ve downloaded and used it, you will want to try all that this app has to offer.

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editor6Make every morning great with “My Alarm Clock”

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